Month: February 2008

Shoe Shopping Tips For You

Did You Know That:

  • According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 8 out 10 women wear shoes that are too small for their feet.
  • Feet can grow larger even after you’re twenty.

Shoe shopping tips to remember:

Don’t rush.If you plan to buy a new of pair of shoes, give yourself enough time to shop around and do fittings, before buying your best choice.

Choose heels with a wide baseas they give good support to your feet and legs.

Don’t buy shoes based on the size alone, always try them on.

Try both shoes on as one foot is always bigger than the other.

Shop for shoes in the afternoon when your feet are at their biggest.

Don’t expect shoes to get bigger in time. If they don’t fit well from the beginning, don’t buy them no matter how fabulous they look. Leave some room for your toes inside your shoes.

Measure your feet from time to time as your shoe size can change as you grow older. When measuring your feet, do it while standing up, not sitting.

When trying on shoes, walk them around the shop and make sure that your feet are comfortable.

Invest on a good pair of shoes. Branded ones may cost more but they often have the best quality and the best fit!


February Shop: Papemelroti


I was looking around where buy wedding tokens when I stumbled upon Papemelroti online! It has been one of my favorite gift shops since I was in high school because i love the fact that all the papers they use are recycled and their designs are adorable.

I haven’t visited Papemelroti since I moved to Baguio but just last week, i found out that there is a distributor here. Since when? No, idea. Been spending too much time at home I guess. So for this special month of February, I’ve chosen Papemelroti to be our first Shop of the Month.

What’s with the name?
I actually thought that it was an Italian term or something. But it’s actually the first syllables of Benny & Corit Alejandro’s five children- Patsy, Peggy, Meldy, Robert, and Tina. Combine them together and you get the name of their shop, Pa-pe-mel-ro-ti. Pretty cool name, huh? =)

Did you know that their first gift shop was opened in 1968 but then it was called, Korben Gifts (Corit&Benny). So when they opened another shop in 1976 they decided to name it after their 5 kids. All five of them are personally hands-on with the management, designs and ideas of the shop and each one has his/her own specialty craft to share.

What gift items can you buy from Papemelroti?

They have decoupage items, wood carvings and wall hangings made of recycled pine wood with adorable illustrations and biblical or inspirational quotes. They have a variety of functional metal crafts, desk accessories, furniture, decorative lamps, beads, figurines, and their signature Filipiniana-themed crafts.

I particularly love their paper products. Their designs make you smile and the items are affordable. Here are my most favorite picks:

Notebooks and journal books like this one costs only P18.00 for the small ones and P28.00 for the big ones.

Stationeries with simple but sweet designs are P14.00 only

Scrapbooks are sold from P159.00 to P199.00.

This blue Kraft paper bag is P29.75 only and comes with a matching gift tag.

This friendship box is only P49.00 to store your memorable things in.

This box contains verses about love and can be used as a wedding token.


Greeting Cards like this are sold for only P14.75 each.

Other paper products available from the shop are bookmarks for P1.75, memo pads for P15.00, gift wrappers for only P9.75, and more. It’s heart warming to know that all their paper products are made out of 100% recycled paper so you do your share in caring for the environment!

More about Papemelroti

Papemelroti is inviting all its customers to start collecting their receipts from any branch for the whole year until they reach P5,000 worth of purchase to avail of the Papemelroti Discount Card. This card is gives its holder 5% discount privilege for every P100.00 minimum worth of purchase. The good news is, there’s no need to renew your membership because it’s lifetime.

Visit their shops today and see how adorable their gift items are. If you want to order online, visit their website or contact them through your Yahoo Messenger-

20 Safety Tips When Purchasing Online

Here are 20 valuable online shopping tips to remember:

1. Shop around.It’s easier to find shops and compare prices online. But remember that the price alone does not guarantee the best deal.

2. Buy only from reliable merchants. Some online shops may offer cheaper products but your best bet when it comes to quality and security are reputable shops that have been providing great customer service for years.

3. Check the website’s security. A secured site should be encrypted with least 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The URL must always begin with https:// instead of http://. Look for the padlocked sign at the bottom right corner of your browser.

4. Check the Privacy Policy. A legitimate seller should provide a Privacy Policy on its website. This policy should promise to protect and not sell all personal information required for your purchase. Take note that you should not be required to provide your Social Security Number.

5. Look for trusted seals of approval.A reliable online merchant should post trusted seals of approval from organizations like the Better Business Bureau, Verisign and TRUSTe on its website.

6. Check out the store’s physical location. The complete physical address of the shop should be posted along with complete contact information.

7. Search for reviews and opinions.A great online store will never fail to receive good reviews from satisfied customers.

8. Check the quality of the website. A real online merchant’s first concern is to provide a high-quality site for their customers to use. If the site has broken links, typos, grammatical errors, suspicious links, or unprofessional look, better buy somewhere else.

9. Call the store’s customer service number. If you’re ready to order, it’s better to get in touch with the store’s representative over the phone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure that you get clear, straight answers. Find out everything that concerns your purchase.

10. Use a strong password. Most e-commerce sites require their customers to log-in before placing an order. A strong password should be a combination of numbers, letters and symbols and not related to your personal information (ex. Birthdate, surname, maiden name, etc.) Use a different password for each website. Keep all your passwords in a log book and keep it in a safe place.

11. Double check prices. Make sure that you are billed correctly and that the price indicated on your check out is what is reflected in your official receipt.

12. Use a credit card. Credit cards provide a zero liability protection or a $50 fee in case of unauthorized charges. Checks or debit cards don’t give you that protection.

13. Use an online credit card number. Ask your credit card issuer for a different number that you can use online so that it’s different from the actual number on your card.

14. Never send your payment via wire money transfer. Obviously, this mode of payment does not give you any guarantee that you will get your order.

15. Keep track of your purchase. Know all the details about your order (shipping dates, fees, etc). Print and save all records of your online transactions. Check the merchant’s policies on return, refunds, shipping, and warranties. The Federal Law requires all sellers to deliver customer orders within or not more than 30 days.

16. Never send your credit card number, Social Security number or any personal info through e-mail. Don’t respond to e-mails asking you to “verify” your information . Legitimate merchants don’t collect information this way. Don’t click on the links included in the e-mail or open attachments. If you receive an e-mail that seems to be from the merchant you ordered from, the best thing to do is call the shop first and confirm if they sent an e-mail.

17. Check your credit card account.Don’t forget to access your account online or check your billing statement for the period when you made a purchase online.

18. Examine the item immediately once you receive your order. Check for quality, authenticity or any signs of damages. If you have a complaint, call your seller right away.

19. Know your rights. Know your rights as a consumer and don’t be a victim of fraud. If you have any complaint against a merchant, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s official website or call their toll-free # at 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357) .

20. Check out the Better Business Bureau’s pagefor a more detailed take on online shopping tips.

How to Save from Your Grocery Shopping

Want to know how to save money on your next trip to the supermarket? Here are budget-saving tips for you:

Prepare your list. Before you take a trip to the grocery, write down everything you need and how much you plan to spend.

Compare the unit not the price. When comparing prices, don’t forget to check the unit weight indicated on the label. This way, you can really compare how much you’re paying per gram or per pound no matter how big the packaging appears to be.

Buy in bulk. Wholesale buying is definitely cheaper compared to retail. List down the items you often use and don’t be afraid to buy them in bulk especially non-perishable goods. However, for items that spoil easily, be sure that you buy only enough for consumption before the items expire.

Check the Best Before seal. Don’t forget to check the expiration date on every item you buy. particularly food products. If the date is unreadable or missing, opt for another product.

Stretch the shelf life. Stretch the product’s shelf life by knowing how to store them properly. In this case, sealed containers, sealed cupboards and a good freezer are your best partners.

Slash off junk food from your list. Junk foods are not only unhealthy, they can eat a big portion of your budget as well.

Substitute expensive ingredients.Substituting ingredients with less expensive ones are a great way to save money.

Buy what’s in season. Most fruits and vegetables are seasonal and those in season are obviously cheaper. Cook dishes that make use of these ingredients.

Make your own spreads. Bread spreads can be very expensive but they’re actually easy to do. Pick fresh fruits in season and make your own jam or marmalade enough to last you for months.

Reuse leftovers. Turn leftovers into a new meal that you can enjoy the next day or within the week. Just make sure that you keep leftovers in a sealed container and store them in the freezer.

Buy with coupons. Using coupons can save you a great deal. Cut and collect coupons from newspapers or magazines. There are also websites that offer printable discount coupons that you can use for your grocery shopping.

Check the quality. Buying sale items are cool but make sure that you’re not being robbed of the quality. For instance, a certain food item on sale may be due to expire soon which means you can’t really store it for long.

Learn to cook. Home-cooked meals are not only budget-friendly, they’re healthier and they taste better, too!

Read the ingredients. Always check out what type of nutrients you get from the food. If a certain product contains Trans fat or Hydrogenated fat, skip it for a healthier substitute. Hint: Go with fresh rather than processed.

Don’t buy the packaging.Items with more attractive packaging may seem to be a better buy but this isn’t always the case. To be sure, compare the unit price, the ingredients used, and the nutrition facts of the product.

Be alert on your checkout.Be sure that the price scanned in your checkout is the same price that is on the label. If you’re not paying close attention, such mistakes can easily get overlooked and you won’t even know that you actually paid more than you’re supposed to.