How to Save from Your Grocery Shopping

Want to know how to save money on your next trip to the supermarket? Here are budget-saving tips for you:

Prepare your list. Before you take a trip to the grocery, write down everything you need and how much you plan to spend.

Compare the unit not the price. When comparing prices, don’t forget to check the unit weight indicated on the label. This way, you can really compare how much you’re paying per gram or per pound no matter how big the packaging appears to be.

Buy in bulk. Wholesale buying is definitely cheaper compared to retail. List down the items you often use and don’t be afraid to buy them in bulk especially non-perishable goods. However, for items that spoil easily, be sure that you buy only enough for consumption before the items expire.

Check the Best Before seal. Don’t forget to check the expiration date on every item you buy. particularly food products. If the date is unreadable or missing, opt for another product.

Stretch the shelf life. Stretch the product’s shelf life by knowing how to store them properly. In this case, sealed containers, sealed cupboards and a good freezer are your best partners.

Slash off junk food from your list. Junk foods are not only unhealthy, they can eat a big portion of your budget as well.

Substitute expensive ingredients.Substituting ingredients with less expensive ones are a great way to save money.

Buy what’s in season. Most fruits and vegetables are seasonal and those in season are obviously cheaper. Cook dishes that make use of these ingredients.

Make your own spreads. Bread spreads can be very expensive but they’re actually easy to do. Pick fresh fruits in season and make your own jam or marmalade enough to last you for months.

Reuse leftovers. Turn leftovers into a new meal that you can enjoy the next day or within the week. Just make sure that you keep leftovers in a sealed container and store them in the freezer.

Buy with coupons. Using coupons can save you a great deal. Cut and collect coupons from newspapers or magazines. There are also websites that offer printable discount coupons that you can use for your grocery shopping.

Check the quality. Buying sale items are cool but make sure that you’re not being robbed of the quality. For instance, a certain food item on sale may be due to expire soon which means you can’t really store it for long.

Learn to cook. Home-cooked meals are not only budget-friendly, they’re healthier and they taste better, too!

Read the ingredients. Always check out what type of nutrients you get from the food. If a certain product contains Trans fat or Hydrogenated fat, skip it for a healthier substitute. Hint: Go with fresh rather than processed.

Don’t buy the packaging.Items with more attractive packaging may seem to be a better buy but this isn’t always the case. To be sure, compare the unit price, the ingredients used, and the nutrition facts of the product.

Be alert on your checkout.Be sure that the price scanned in your checkout is the same price that is on the label. If you’re not paying close attention, such mistakes can easily get overlooked and you won’t even know that you actually paid more than you’re supposed to.


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