February Shop: Papemelroti


I was looking around where buy wedding tokens when I stumbled upon Papemelroti online! It has been one of my favorite gift shops since I was in high school because i love the fact that all the papers they use are recycled and their designs are adorable.

I haven’t visited Papemelroti since I moved to Baguio but just last week, i found out that there is a distributor here. Since when? No, idea. Been spending too much time at home I guess. So for this special month of February, I’ve chosen Papemelroti to be our first Shop of the Month.

What’s with the name?
I actually thought that it was an Italian term or something. But it’s actually the first syllables of Benny & Corit Alejandro’s five children- Patsy, Peggy, Meldy, Robert, and Tina. Combine them together and you get the name of their shop, Pa-pe-mel-ro-ti. Pretty cool name, huh? =)

Did you know that their first gift shop was opened in 1968 but then it was called, Korben Gifts (Corit&Benny). So when they opened another shop in 1976 they decided to name it after their 5 kids. All five of them are personally hands-on with the management, designs and ideas of the shop and each one has his/her own specialty craft to share.

What gift items can you buy from Papemelroti?

They have decoupage items, wood carvings and wall hangings made of recycled pine wood with adorable illustrations and biblical or inspirational quotes. They have a variety of functional metal crafts, desk accessories, furniture, decorative lamps, beads, figurines, and their signature Filipiniana-themed crafts.

I particularly love their paper products. Their designs make you smile and the items are affordable. Here are my most favorite picks:

Notebooks and journal books like this one costs only P18.00 for the small ones and P28.00 for the big ones.

Stationeries with simple but sweet designs are P14.00 only

Scrapbooks are sold from P159.00 to P199.00.

This blue Kraft paper bag is P29.75 only and comes with a matching gift tag.

This friendship box is only P49.00 to store your memorable things in.

This box contains verses about love and can be used as a wedding token.


Greeting Cards like this are sold for only P14.75 each.

Other paper products available from the shop are bookmarks for P1.75, memo pads for P15.00, gift wrappers for only P9.75, and more. It’s heart warming to know that all their paper products are made out of 100% recycled paper so you do your share in caring for the environment!

More about Papemelroti

Papemelroti is inviting all its customers to start collecting their receipts from any branch for the whole year until they reach P5,000 worth of purchase to avail of the Papemelroti Discount Card. This card is gives its holder 5% discount privilege for every P100.00 minimum worth of purchase. The good news is, there’s no need to renew your membership because it’s lifetime.

Visit their shops today and see how adorable their gift items are. If you want to order online, visit their website or contact them through your Yahoo Messenger- papemelrotigifts@yahoo.com.


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