Finding the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Shape

Are you ready for the summer? Here are some tips on finding the right swimsuit that complements your figure:

Try it on.Trying on a swimsuit is a must in order to find the one that really fits your body.

Choose a swimsuit that matches your body type. Accentuate your assets and wear cuts or designs that hides your flaws.

If you have small breasts or small upper body, a swimsuit with a bit of padding and underwire will enhance your bust line.

If you’re big breasted,swimsuits with haltered straps will give your breasts the lift.One-piece suits are also great as long they have straps for added support.

If you have short legs, go with a plain bikini paired with a printed top to draw the eyes upwards.You can also try a one-piece suit with a low neckline to emphasize your upper body and keep the eye upwards.

To create curves, a one-piece suit with a cute belt or a solid stripe in the middle will create the illusion of a smaller waistline.Two-piece suits will also work if you try to match a ruffled bikini with a strapless top.

If you’re a plus size, it doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy in swimsuit.Suits in dark colors and low V shaped necklines are great.Also, don’t forget to add a tunic or a sarong to cover up those bulges in a stylish way.

Don’t wear suits that do not perfectly fit your body.Don’t try to hide your flaws by wearing a suit that is too large for your body size.Remember, swimsuits tend to expand when wet so you don’t want to end up with a lousy suit after a swim.

Check the quality of the material.Finding the right fit will also depend on the quality of the material.Lycra/Spandex swimsuits are best because they maintain their shape, they’re durable, comfortable and they cling nicely to the body.

Be sure you’re comfortable in it.Finally, how you carry your swimsuit will make the difference so whether you choose a one-piece or a 2-piece suit, make sure you’re comfortable wearing it.


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  1. >Hi Rachel,Very practical and informative tips on how to choose a swimwear. Your tips will come in handy especially now that summer is fast approaching. Thanks for the practical post. God bless you and your loved ones always.I have already linked you with my blog. I hope you do the same with mine.

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