What type of eyewear best complements your face?

In choosing eyeglass frames, there are two things to remember: the shape and the size of the frame.

Always choose a frame that contrasts to the shape of your face. The size of the frame should be just right, neither too big or two small. Also, a frame that emphasizes the best feature of your face will bring out your beauty.

Here are some tips on finding that perfect eye wear frame that complements the shape of your face:

Oval Face. An oval face would look good with any kind of frame but frames that are as wide or a bit wider than the broadest part of your face are best.

Square Face.Narrow, oval frames look great with a square face.

Round Face. Rectangular and narrow frames will lengthen and slim your face a bit.

Diamond or Triangular Face. Rimless eyeglasses and cat’s eye-shaped frames are made for a diamond or triangular-shaped face.

Long, Narrow face. Round and square frames will both soften the angles of your face.

Heart-shaped Face.If you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin, rimless frames are ideal. Frames that are opposite the shape of your face, such as one that is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom is great for you.


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