Month: May 2008


How to Buy Fresh Eggs?

We just bought a tray of eggs from SM supermarket, one of the eggs was rotteneggs and the rest are about to be stale. Yuck!!! Who knows how long those eggs have been sitting in the shelves?

Usually, the expiration date stamped on the carton/box was the day when the eggs were packed, not the day when they were harvested. There should be at least two weeks allowance from the expiration date to the day you bought them.

So how can you tell if an egg is fresh or not without breaking its shell?

Fresh eggs would sink in water while older eggs would float. This is because as eggs get older the air pockets inside its shell also increase. This is why when you boil an egg, sometimes the tip of the egg is flat or dipped inwards. Too bad, you really can’t do this test as you’re buying the eggs from the grocery.

I do think it’s really better to just buy eggs from a wet market cause you’re guaranteed that the eggs are fresh. If you always buy eggs from the same vendor, you can be more confident that the eggs you’ll take home are fresh.

In case you get rotten eggs, you can tell the seller the next time you buy so their supplier can be alerted. You may even get replacements for those bad eggs for free. If too many eggs are stale, put them in a sealed bag, and bring them back to your seller. All those eggs should be replaced for free or you should get your money back.

When properly stored, eggs will stay fresh from 10-15 days. Remember, eggs are perishable and should be refrigerated immediately after purchase.


How to Spot Genuine Pearls from Fake Ones

Pearls are formed out of constant irritation of an oyster. When foreign particles like sand make its way inside its shell, the oyster secretes “nacre”, a silk-like substance to coat the irritant. When layers of nacre are combined with irritants, the result is a beautiful thing we know as pearl.

Natural pearls may take years to form. Thus, cultured pearls are produced when oysters are “irritated” on purpose so that they would secrete “nacre” and pearls would be formed more quickly. How can you spot genuine pearls from fake ones? Here are some tips:

Hold the pearls against the sun. If it’s real, you should be able to see variations in its hues. Fake pearls tend to look flat and exactly the same.

Look for irregularities. Real pearls have natural irregularities while fake pearls look and feel perfectly smooth.

Feel its weight. Real pearls should feel heavier while fake ones are exceptionally light.

Cold against touch. Real pearls are cold at first touch. Fake ones are just warm to the touch.

Watch out for flakes. Real pearls never flake or chip.

Imperfect shape. Yes, genuine pearls have imperfections including its shape. If a pearl is perfectly round, it’s most likely to be fake.

How to Buy the Right Make Up

When buying make-up and cosmetics, there are four things you should remember. Always choose a make-up that:

1. matches your skin type

To avoid allergies or irritations, your make-up should match your skin type- whether you have dry, oily or combination skin. If you’re not sure about your skin type, it’s best to ask a dermatologist.2. complements your skin tone

To get the best results, you should only wear the right colors. For example, if you have a fair complexion, nudes and pastels would bring out that glow. If you’re tan or dark skinned, browns and bronzes would nicely complement your skin.

3. suited to your age

If you’re a teen or in your 20s, you should take advantage of this time where you can freely wear colors, explore different looks, and be more daring with your make-up. If you’re in your 30s or 40s, stay away from very dramatic colors that can make you look older. This is the time of your life, where Less means More. The natural look or nude make-up is best for your age.

4. of high quality

Don’t scrimp on your budget. Branded make-ups like Max Factor, Mac, Mary Kay, Shu Uemura, Clinique, Skin Food, Estee Lauder, Revlon, etc. may literally be expensive but their definitely worth the splurge. Although these brands are pricey, you can be assured that you’re using only high quality, dermatologically-tested make-up on your skin.

When it comes to beauty, taking care of your skin should be your top priority. Investing on a great brand of cosmetics means getting real value for your money. If you’re on a tight budget, try to invest on the basics (liquid foundation, concealer, bronzer, lipstick). Avon and Maybelline are great make-up brands that are fabulous, chic and affordable.

How to Spot Genuine Designer Bags from Fakes

How do you spot a genuine designer bag from a fake one? The specific details would depend on the brand of the bag you want to buy. But here are some tips on how to differentiate real from fakes!

Matching Numbers. Genuine designer bags have a control card with a serial number and this should match with the serial number printed inside the bag itself.

Feel it. A genuine leather or suede bag would feel soft and smooth to the touch. True leather also starts lighter and darkens over time. Bags that are overly shiny and smooth are suspicious as well!

Lining and stitch. Check if the lining and the stitches are made perfect. Fake designer bags may have broken stitches, hanging or lose threads, unmatching thread colors or uneven stitches. The lining should have the brand’s monogram or logo as well.

Zip it. Real designer bags should use zippers that glide smoothly and with an exact color that matches the bag. The handle of the zipper should feel heavy and solid and most designer bags place a monogram on their zippers.

Real logos. Logos or monograms on authentic designer bags should be perfect and seamless. Uneven edges, missing details or monograms that are suddenly cut off are clear signs of fakes.

Exactly the same. True designers bags with the same styles should look and feel exactly as the others.

Straps in shape. The handle of a genuine designer bag stays in shape even if it’s been used for years.

Check the origin. Check the origin where the bag was made. If it’s not where the original manufacturer is, then it must be a fake!

Is the price right? We know that genuine designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Chloe, Ballenciaga, etc. are really expensive. Most bags are sold from $400 and up. So a designer bag that is sold for a cheap price or for an amazingly affordable price is most likely to be a fake.

Glued? Authentic designer bags don’t use glue on its materials. Everything is sewed and stitched together, painstakingly and meticulously.

My 5 Favorite Beauty Picks This Summer


Oil Control Films are my best buddies because I have a combination skin. My face tends to get oily, especially on the T-zone particularly on hot days! The Blue Oil Absorbing Sheets from Clean & Clear instantly gets rid of excess oils from my face.

I like this Blistex Lip Balm with SPF 15 because it doesn’t only moisturize my lips, it also protects from the sun’s harmful rays.

My Cousin gave me this Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Gloss and I just love it! I’m not a big fan of lipsticks and I don’t wear lipstick everyday but this one is so fabulous you can wear it under a lipstick or on its own. It gives that frosted, glazed look that makes your lips shimmer under the sun.

For people who are often out in the sun, I recommend this moisturizer from Mary Kay. It has a Sun Protection Factor or SPF 20, and it gives your skin that extra glow. Great for everyday use!

I don’t really use foundations that much but I liked this AngelFit Flawless Affinity Foundation from Maybelline. It evens out your skin tone, does not break out or make your skin look oily. I use this on top of the Mary Kay Moisturizer with SPF whenever I need to spend long hours under the sun.