How to Spot Genuine Designer Bags from Fakes

How do you spot a genuine designer bag from a fake one? The specific details would depend on the brand of the bag you want to buy. But here are some tips on how to differentiate real from fakes!

Matching Numbers. Genuine designer bags have a control card with a serial number and this should match with the serial number printed inside the bag itself.

Feel it. A genuine leather or suede bag would feel soft and smooth to the touch. True leather also starts lighter and darkens over time. Bags that are overly shiny and smooth are suspicious as well!

Lining and stitch. Check if the lining and the stitches are made perfect. Fake designer bags may have broken stitches, hanging or lose threads, unmatching thread colors or uneven stitches. The lining should have the brand’s monogram or logo as well.

Zip it. Real designer bags should use zippers that glide smoothly and with an exact color that matches the bag. The handle of the zipper should feel heavy and solid and most designer bags place a monogram on their zippers.

Real logos. Logos or monograms on authentic designer bags should be perfect and seamless. Uneven edges, missing details or monograms that are suddenly cut off are clear signs of fakes.

Exactly the same. True designers bags with the same styles should look and feel exactly as the others.

Straps in shape. The handle of a genuine designer bag stays in shape even if it’s been used for years.

Check the origin. Check the origin where the bag was made. If it’s not where the original manufacturer is, then it must be a fake!

Is the price right? We know that genuine designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Chloe, Ballenciaga, etc. are really expensive. Most bags are sold from $400 and up. So a designer bag that is sold for a cheap price or for an amazingly affordable price is most likely to be a fake.

Glued? Authentic designer bags don’t use glue on its materials. Everything is sewed and stitched together, painstakingly and meticulously.


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