How to Buy Fresh Eggs?

We just bought a tray of eggs from SM supermarket, one of the eggs was rotteneggs and the rest are about to be stale. Yuck!!! Who knows how long those eggs have been sitting in the shelves?

Usually, the expiration date stamped on the carton/box was the day when the eggs were packed, not the day when they were harvested. There should be at least two weeks allowance from the expiration date to the day you bought them.

So how can you tell if an egg is fresh or not without breaking its shell?

Fresh eggs would sink in water while older eggs would float. This is because as eggs get older the air pockets inside its shell also increase. This is why when you boil an egg, sometimes the tip of the egg is flat or dipped inwards. Too bad, you really can’t do this test as you’re buying the eggs from the grocery.

I do think it’s really better to just buy eggs from a wet market cause you’re guaranteed that the eggs are fresh. If you always buy eggs from the same vendor, you can be more confident that the eggs you’ll take home are fresh.

In case you get rotten eggs, you can tell the seller the next time you buy so their supplier can be alerted. You may even get replacements for those bad eggs for free. If too many eggs are stale, put them in a sealed bag, and bring them back to your seller. All those eggs should be replaced for free or you should get your money back.

When properly stored, eggs will stay fresh from 10-15 days. Remember, eggs are perishable and should be refrigerated immediately after purchase.


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