Month: August 2008

Which Brand of Facial Toner Do You Use?

Why use a toner?

Despite its name, toners do not “tone” or thoroughly cleanse the skin. A facial wash or facial cleanser is used to clean deep-seated oil and dirt from the face. Nevertheless, beauty experts recommend, “toning” as part of the 3-step daily regimen – Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize!

Why is it important to use a toner? A toner helps remove the last traces of dirt from your pores. Some toners contain anti-oxidants and anti inflammatory ingredients which helps protect the skin.

Recommended Facial Toners

When it comes to brands, I particularly like Celeteque Toner or Godiva Toner because both are alcohol free and doesn’t sting on your skin. Both are also priced reasonably so you don’t really need to break your budget. Other good brands are Tea Tree Oil by Sensa, Eskinol Ice Pore Therapy,and Clean & Clear.

However, if you’re the splurging type, try Neutrogena or Clinique or The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil daily facial toner.

Some people prefer to use alcohol-free toners while others want a bit of alcohol for extra cleansing strength!

I personally like non-alcohol toners! But whichever you choose, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer after toning your skin to avoid dryness!

*Which facial toner do you personally use? And which brands would you recommend?


all things handmade at ETSY

Found a really cool shop on the web today. Are you familiar with Etsy? It’s a website where buyers, sellers and enthusiasts of handcrafted items meet. From pottery, knitting, paper crafts, jewelry, clothing, accessories, books, trinkets to everything else- all things sold at Etsy’s are all handmade.

They have 170,000 shops from different countries that you can buy from ~ yes, online! Now, they have 8 total shops from the Philippines. I particularly liked this shop: strozzistawzeeh’s, for her sterling lizard brooch, and this blue bangle. Nice~!

There’s so many unique and wonderful handmade things to see at Etsy’s. (check out its showcase for the day where sellers show off their top picks!) I also like the design and the colors of the website cause it’s not screaming with ADS! Although I have yet to try buying from Etsy’s, I already like it! =)

It’s definitely a website worth visiting if you’re looking for an authentic gift for a special someone. I’m actually excited to sign up for it as a seller. And would surely be hangin’ out at Etsy more to fill in my wish list!


Not all of us can plant trees but ALL of us can definitely do our share in saving our planet. Here are 20 simple steps to green living:

1. CONSERVE ENERGY, by improving your home’s ventilation. Take advantage of the sunlight in the morning and let the breeze in with spacious windows.

2. Turn off lights when not in use. Pretty obvious but try to think about how many times you left the light on in your bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, etc. etc.

3. Shut down your PC at bedtime. Instead of leaving the computer on, with the “AWAY” or “IDLE” status in your messenger, shut it down while you sleep.

4. Unplug un-used electrical devices. Turning off the TV, PC, or electric fan off isn’t enough. When the cables are plugged in the power source, a bit of energy is still in use.

5. NEVER LEAVE your cellphone chargers plugged in. When you’re done charging your phones, don’t forget to unplug it from the source.

6. SAVE WATER, by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or the shower while soaping, scrubbing or shaving.

7. REDUCE POLLUTION by disposing your garbage RESPONSIBLY.


9. Whenever possible carpool with friends, ride the bus or better yet- ride your bike instead of taking the car!

10. Skirts, jackets, and jeans can be worn twice or even thrice if you did not wear them the whole day. Hang them properly for another day and cut down your week’s laundry by half.

11. Maximize the use of your garbage bag! Instead of just tossing milk boxes, candy wrappers, and sachets in your trash bin, fold or knot them and make them as small as you can so they won’t occupy a big space.

12. If you must, use only biodegradable plastic bags!

13. Buy products that are environmentally-friendly!


14. Before throwing anything in your garbage can, consider if it can be recycled. Let your creative juices flow! Be imaginative, be ingenious!


  • biscuits, soft drinks and ice cream containers or milk cans, can be used as pots for your garden.
  • Labels on jeans, bags and clothing can become bookmarks!
  • Old newspapers can used for a variety or art crafts!
  • Shoe boxes for extra storage.
  • The water you used for rinsing your laundry can still be used for cleaning the toilet or car washing.


19. You don’t need to have a big lawn to have a garden. If you’re renting an apartment, grow plants, herbs or flowers in pots.

20. Don’t throw away egg shells and potato peels. Pound them in small bits and mix it with your garden soil for instant organic fertilizers.

Bring Your Own REUSABLES:

15. Green Bag. When going to the market, groceries or thrift shops, save a dozen of plastic bags with all the things you can stuff in your green bag.

16. Spoon & Fork. Instead of using plastic, disposable utensils, bring your spoon & fork everyday to school or to work, and wash them when you get home.

17. Refillable Mug. Whether you prefer coffee or hot chocolate in the morning, just ask for a refill. You save 30 disposable cups in a month – 365 disposable cups in a year – and that’s if you
only drink coffee once a day!

18. Refillable Bathe Essentials. Some shops like The Body Shop sells refillable containers for shampoo, conditioner, and bath gels. Aside from doing your share to save the environment, refills are offered at a discount.

Check out these other websites that promote green living: The Daily Green, Tree Hugger and Green Options.

What’s your own way to go green? Please share it by leaving a comment!~

How to Buy Fresh Fish

Do you know how to tell a fresh fish from a stale one? Here’s how:

Clear, sparkling eyes.Eyes should not be red, poked, sunken, nor dull.Flesh is intact and firm. Avoid fishes that appear to be bruised, mushy or yielding to pressure. Either the fish isn’t fresh or has been caught through dynamite-fishing.

Fresh, salty water smell. If the fish smells bad or exudes a foul odor, it’s obviously spoiled.

Bright scales and gills! The gills must have a bright color and the scales should be intact and plentiful.

More fresh fish tips:

Buy from your “suki”. When buying from the market, it’s best to buy your fish, meat and vegetables from a trusted vendor. If you’re buying from the supermarket, you’ll need to trust your own senses to know whether it’s really fresh or not.

After buying your fish, clean them up as soon as you get home. Slash the gut and take out the intestines, gills and its insides. Wash each fish gently and carefully. Next, place your fish in a resealable bag packed with ice before storing it in your freezer.

When stored correctly, fresh fish can last up to ten days. However, the best way to enjoy fresh fish is to eat them on the same day!