How to Buy Fresh Fish

Do you know how to tell a fresh fish from a stale one? Here’s how:

Clear, sparkling eyes.Eyes should not be red, poked, sunken, nor dull.Flesh is intact and firm. Avoid fishes that appear to be bruised, mushy or yielding to pressure. Either the fish isn’t fresh or has been caught through dynamite-fishing.

Fresh, salty water smell. If the fish smells bad or exudes a foul odor, it’s obviously spoiled.

Bright scales and gills! The gills must have a bright color and the scales should be intact and plentiful.

More fresh fish tips:

Buy from your “suki”. When buying from the market, it’s best to buy your fish, meat and vegetables from a trusted vendor. If you’re buying from the supermarket, you’ll need to trust your own senses to know whether it’s really fresh or not.

After buying your fish, clean them up as soon as you get home. Slash the gut and take out the intestines, gills and its insides. Wash each fish gently and carefully. Next, place your fish in a resealable bag packed with ice before storing it in your freezer.

When stored correctly, fresh fish can last up to ten days. However, the best way to enjoy fresh fish is to eat them on the same day!


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