all things handmade at ETSY

Found a really cool shop on the web today. Are you familiar with Etsy? It’s a website where buyers, sellers and enthusiasts of handcrafted items meet. From pottery, knitting, paper crafts, jewelry, clothing, accessories, books, trinkets to everything else- all things sold at Etsy’s are all handmade.

They have 170,000 shops from different countries that you can buy from ~ yes, online! Now, they have 8 total shops from the Philippines. I particularly liked this shop: strozzistawzeeh’s, for her sterling lizard brooch, and this blue bangle. Nice~!

There’s so many unique and wonderful handmade things to see at Etsy’s. (check out its showcase for the day where sellers show off their top picks!) I also like the design and the colors of the website cause it’s not screaming with ADS! Although I have yet to try buying from Etsy’s, I already like it! =)

It’s definitely a website worth visiting if you’re looking for an authentic gift for a special someone. I’m actually excited to sign up for it as a seller. And would surely be hangin’ out at Etsy more to fill in my wish list!


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