10 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Blogging was first introduced to me by Jo and those extra few bucks I earned from paid blogging has certainly been a great help. Blogging has also helped me improve my writing skills and opened doors of opportunities from internet marketing. Here are 10 paid to blog websites that I signed up with!

Sponsored Reviews. One of my most favorite Paid to Blog sites because it allows you to choose reviews that are related to your blog. It is also one of the most generous – with pays from $5 to as much as $100 and up.

Approval from the advertiser would depend on your blog’s rating and page rank. With each successful review, 35% goes to SR. They pay through PayPal (which is the most convenient mode of payment) on a bi-weekly basis.

Blogsvertise My first paid blog post was from Blogsvertise. Although not as hyped as other paid blogging sites, this is one of my most reliable sources. I grab a task (you’re allowed to grab 1 task each day) whenever it’s available.

Payment isn’t as high but if you’re a new blogger, $10 per post for a minimum of 100 words per review is not bad at all. They send payment thru PayPal a month after the review has been approved.

Review Me Only 2 of my blogs were approved as of this moment. They approve blogs based on its Alexa ranking and visits. They send payments via check, Pay Pal, or Prepaid Debit MasterCard® by Payoneer. Your reviews must be at least 200 words and relevant to the advertiser.

Payu2Blog. Once approved, you’ll be sent weekly assignments for $5 each (100 words minimum) but you can’t choose tasks. You’re required to complete all tasks assigned to you. Payment is sent every 2 weeks through PayPal.

Smorty. I haven’t made any post for Smorty for quite some time but I was able to make a few bucks from it, too. It recently launched its Post Exchange program where bloggers can review each other’s blogs to help increase their page ranking.

To be approved, blogs must be older than 30 days with at least 10 unpaid posts. Reviews must range from 150-400 words and must be an OPINION.

Linkworth. Linkworth offers a variety of options for bloggers to make money – Linkpost (reviews); LinkWords (PPC ads in your content); LinkInText (in-text link ads); LinkSura (single URL rotating ad link); LinkMura (multiple URL rotating ad link); LinkBB (hosted advertorial links); LinkPack; LinkDirect; and LinkArt. I’m currently just using the Linkpost option and still have to explore how the other options work.

Pay Per Post. One of the oldest blogging sites on the web and is now a partner of Izea. To be approved, your blog must be at least 30 days old with 10 existing posts within the last 30 days. Opps range from $5 to $100 and up. However, once you’ve accepted an opportunity, you need to finish and submit it within 6 hours!

Social Spark. This new paid-to-blog site by Izea offers bloggers 3 ways to get more from blogging – through paid posts, sponsored posts, and sparks! Paid posts are usual reviews with fixed prices, sponsored posts are paid based on the number of days a post is live on your blog, and sparks give you exposure for your blog and a chance to win prices or freebies from advertisers. Bonuses are given to outstanding bloggers based on the quality, exposure and ROI that their post generated.

Loudlaunch. Just recently signed up for this one. Signing up is easy but they’re quite strict about approving blogs. You can get approved if your blog is at least 2 months old,  but I think it’s really all about PR.

Linknerve. This one is the latest from Blogitive where bloggers can submit their pages from their blog for possible link ad offers.

Do you know other paid-to-blog sites that are not listed here? Please, share it with us by leaving a comment (don’t forget the links) Thanks=)

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