How to Enhance Your Digital Photos: Top 10 Tips

Almost everyone has a digital camera And why not? They’re fun, handy, convenient, cost-effective and practical to use. Here are top ten tips on how you can make the most out of your digital photos:
Always use your flash. Use a flash even if it’s sunny for clearer photos without unwanted shadows.

Don’t look at the lens. Are you using flash? Make sure your subject isn’t looking directly at the lens as this can cause red-eye on the picture. Have them face the camera without staring at the lens.

Check the settings of your digicam. Digital cameras are equipped with different functions that you can use to capture the best quality photos. Make sure that you read the manual on how to adjust the settings or get some advice from a professional. Some digicams have built-in Red eye solutions and night-mode functions that you should know how to use.

Give Yourself a Make-over. The great thing about digital photos is that you can easily fix-up red eyes, whiten teeth, or erase that pimple on your nose. You can do this using Photoshop’s eyedropper button, the smudge, and the healing brush in just a few easy strokes.

Check the resolution. What is a good resolution for your picture? It really depends on how big or small you plan to print your photos.

For wallet-sized pics, 640-480 pixels or less would do, but for bigger photos that you want to frame, you’ll want a much higher resolution. At least 1600 x 1200 pixels is needed for an 8”x10” picture frame.

Use digital photo frames. Digital photo frames are one of the hottest picks in the market today. Digital frames are ideal for storing your pictures and displaying them at the same time. The quality of the photos is preserved and you can even view them as a slide show.

Back-up copies. Don’t risk losing those precious moments just because your hard-disk failed. Make sure you have back-up copies of the photos you want to keep especially if you haven’t yet printed them.

Save your pics using the right extension. Jpeg or .jpg files are recommended for sending out your pics online but if you want to print them, it’s best to save it in TIFF format or .tiff for more clarity on the actual prints.

Organize. As you upload more photos to your computer, make it easier for you to find them by putting them in folders with appropriate labels. Rename your photos with recognizable file names instead of leaving them with just the numbers.

Print them from a photo shop. If you want to print a couple of pictures, you can save more if you have them printed from your nearest printer service instead of printing them on your own.

*What’s your own professional photographer tip?


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