Must-Haves For Your Laptop

Own a laptop? Here’s my top ten must-have laptop accessory picks:

USB Mouse. I personally put the USB mouse on top of my list because I’m not comfortable using the trackpad. If you use your laptop for work, a mouse is definitely a must-have for quicker and convenient navigation.

USB Hub. Laptops have limited USB slots so you may need a USB hub to plug & play all your devices- webcam, printer, scanner, etc.

External Hard Drive. Keep your important files safe at all times. Back up your files in an external hard drive and place it in a safe storage. Don’t pack your external hard drive with your laptop just in case either one gets lost.

Wi-fi Card. If your laptop doesn’t have wireless capabilities, enhance it by adding a Wi-fi Card. You’ll need it if you want to use your laptop in internet cafés to get online.

Headset. Don’t forget to bring your own headset to enjoy your laptop to the fullest wherever you are.

USB Flash Drive. A USB drive is indispensable when moving your files from a laptop to a desktop or when using someone else’s PC.

A Cat5 Ethernet Cable and a Telephone cable. Bringing your own cable is important when you’re always on the road. Don’t waste your time asking the hotel for cable provisions. With your own cables, you can get online from your hotel room at any time.

Port Replicator.
A port replicator is where you can plug all your peripherals like your printer in your working station. It’s great for switching from one computer to another. If you want to connect it to your laptop, you can do so without hassle. When it’s time to disconnect it, just unplug from your laptop and you’re ready to go.

The Case. For your convenience and the safety of your gadgets, invest on a high-quality laptop case that’s easy to carry around.

Security Device. There are a couple of security devices you can choose from the market. Whichever you prefer, make sure it provides adequate protection against theft.

Any other must-haves you want to add?

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