Top 10 Fashion Accessory Must-Haves

If you have limited pieces in your wardrobe, the right fashion accessories can turn these few basic pieces into a lot of exciting combinations. If you’re too broke to buy new clothes, invest on the basic pieces and get even on accessories.

1. Necklace. The right necklace can make a plain blouse look chic and in style. Long wooden bead necklaces in bright colors can make a drab outfit look special. While a pearl necklace can turn a simple all-black dress into a classic.

2. Mufflers. Mufflers or wrap-around scarves are indispensable especially on cold seasons. They not only protect you from the cold, they also add color and style to your outfit.

3. Scarf. Scarves are really cool investments. They’re multipurpose and great for any kind of weather. Wear a scarf around your neck to spice up a corporate attire. Wrap it around your waist over skinny jeans and a simple, fitted blouse, or use it as a chic headband to keep your hair in place.

You can also tie it around the handle of a plain, oversized bag and voila!~ a unique, elegant bag to go with your outfit.

4. Bag. Bags are not just accessories, they’re functional too. It’s a good idea to save up and invest on a high-quality bag than settle for cheaper ones. Designer bags will last you a lifetime. If you have a limited budget, go for black, brown, and white in at least two different sizes.

5. Earrings. Yes, you can go bare without any accessories but earrings are a must. Invest on good pieces because they’re valuable collections. You’ll want to make sure you have ones in both yellow and white gold, and in at least three different styles- dangling, stud, and hoops.

6. Bracelets. Aside from gold, silver and metal bracelets, there are also beaded, crystal, wood and ceramic bracelets. Even if you’re only wearing a simple shirt and jeans, a set of complementary bracelets can make you look stylish. Best of all, you can find lots of different bracelets in all kinds of designs that are so cheap yet fabulous.

7. Belts. Large belts that are worn high are so in today. They go well with oversized blouses over a pair of shorts or jeans or with long or short dresses. Belts come in different sizes, colors and designs that can create a new look from an old outfit.

8. Eyewear. Shades are so cool and they protect you from the hot sun’s glare. Choose a shape that complements your face and you’ll certainly look hot in your outfit.

9. Wristwatch. A watch is not just an accessory. It helps you keep up with your schedules on time. Take the fullest advantage out of it by using a watch that will not spoil your outfit. It’s best to have a sports watch and a formal watch so you can wear one to the office and the other for malling or jogging.

10. Shoes. A pair of shoes can make a huge difference in your overall look. Basic pieces that you should have are stilettos, open-toe sandals, loafers, sneakers and boots. You can start investing on the basic hues –black, beige, brown- and buy a few pairs in colors once in a while. Don’t forget to invest on high-quality shoes so they can last.

*What’s your personal fashion accessory favorite?

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