Top 10 Fashion Tips to Stay Dry on a Rainy Weather

Looking for ways to stay warm and dry yet  FASHIONABLE in the cold season?  Here are great tips:
1. Layer it. Layering clothes is a great fashion strategy on unpredictable weathers. Put on a pair of jeans over a simple collared shirt or blouse and layer it with a vest or a sleeveless top.
When outside, add on an extra layer of jacket or a long coat. If the sun comes out and it gets warmer, you can always strip down to just the shirt or the sleeveless top under your jacket.

2. Scarves and muffs. Scarves are so cool because they come in bright colors and designs that bring life to a drab weather. Wrap it around your neck for that extra warmth and instant chic.

3. Boot it up. Boots are so sexy and they can make even the simplest outfit look elegant and classy. If you’re into skirts or skinny jeans, you can go with a pair of knee-length boots or go with sexy boots over a nice dress and a long jacket.

4. Skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are “in” this season. Pair it up with an oversized blouse, layered top, bolero or jacket. They’re perfect for rainy days because you won’t have to worry about stepping on it or catching mud on its edges. If your body type is heavy, choose jeans that are not too narrow on the bottom.

5. Don’t forget the umbrella. Just because you have to bring an umbrella doesn’t mean you’ll be ruining your look. Go for black or brown so you don’t have to worry about what outfit you’re wearing. Or be bold and bring a colored umbrella to add a splash of hue.  It’s best to stay dry under the rain than to get soaked under the drizzles.

6. Put on the tights. Tights are perfect for rainy days or cold weathers. Match it with a dress or a skirt that’s just above the knees for the cute and sassy look. You can also match it with mary-janes for that cool school-girl preppy look.

7. Bag it. Oversized bags are great for cool weathers because you can just stuff everything inside and still be fashionable at the same time.

8. It’s all in the jacket. Blazers and jackets will carry your entire look so choose them well. Invest on a jacket with a great cut and made out of a high-quality material. Choose a fabric that hugs your body well, keeps you warm but is light at the same time. It’s great to invest on basic colors like black, brown and beige to match any outfit, but jackets with prints can also be wonderful additions to your wardrobe.

9. Play it with color. Cold weather and rainy season can bring you down. Remember, SAD or Seasonable Affective Disorder? Fight the blues by wearing happy colors that brighten up the mood like orange, pink, blue, red, blue, green and yellow.

10. Top it with a hat, beret or bonnet. Hats, berets and bonnets are not just chic and stylish, they also protect your head from the winds and the cold.

*What’s your own winter fashion tip?

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