Top 10 Tips on Buying a Cordless Phone

1. Check the range. The best cordless phone has a 2.4 GHz range but a 900 MHz will also do if you’re on a budget. If you can afford to buy only a 46-49 MHz phone, make sure it has a noise reduction feature.

2. Check the battery. Cordless phones have different battery durations but it’s best to go for one with a longer standby time.

3. Go with a dual-battery phone. A phone with dual-battery is great so you can charge the other while the phone is in use.

4. Low battery warning. Look for a phone with a low-battery beep so you’ll know when you have to end your call.

5. Look for features that you really need. Useful features are the speed-dialing, redial, voice dialing and any-key answer options.

6. Don’t forget the paging option.This particular option is helpful when the handset gets misplaced.

7. Consider your needs.Make sure that the cordless phone is compatible for important call options like call transfer, conferencing, call waiting, etc. especially if you’re going to use the phone for business.

8. Shop around. Browse through online sites for different prices from different merchants before you make a choice.

9. Ask for recommendations. When it comes to the brand, consider what other people have to say. Ask friends or family who own cordless phones or read reviews online.

10. Make sure it comes with a guarantee.You’ll never know if the unit you’ll receive will be defective. You must always have the option to return it if you’re not happy.


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