Top 10 Computer Terminologies You May Not Yet Know

Here are top ten terms associated with computers that you may often hear but not really sure about their meaning:

1. Cache. This is a temporary storage that holds all data used while you’re surfing the internet. This enables quicker access time when you re-visit the same web pages that uses the same data packets.
2. CAT. The term is short for “categories” and refers to different cable wirings, junctions and connectors set by the American National Standards Institute. Cat specifications come in 7 categories. The mostly commonly used for computers are the Cat 3, Cat 5, and Cat 6. These cables are also commonly known as Ethernet connectors.
3. LAN. LAN or Local Area Network is the type of connection that is used when several computers share the same type of network.
4. ROM. Read Only Memory is a storage in your computer system that stores the basic instructions that needed to boot or start up the computer.
5. USB. USB or Universal Serial Bus is the most widely used type of port used in computers today. It enables the user to simply plug and play an external device to the computer.
6. Bandwidth. This is the unit of measure used to calculate the capacity of a connection to carry data. When a line is enable to carry a larger bandwidth, naturally the connection is also faster.
7. BIOS. Basic Input/Output System. This is the program stored in the ROM that controls all the hardware you use with your computer.
8. IDE. Integrated Device/Drive Electronics. It is an interfaced used for hard drives which usually accommodates up to 8.4GB of files.
9. HTTP. HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol refers to the protocol used to transfer information through internet. The user agent or client requests information from the origin server. Thus, web addresses always begin with http.
10. URL. The Uniform Resource Locator is simply the web site address that differentiates one  web site from the others.

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