Month: March 2009

Shabby Chic Monday: Kitchen Inspirations

It’s a Shabby Chic Monday and I found these photos online that can inspire you in decorating your own kitchen.
I love these baker’s racks from Home Decorators Collection. Although not white or pastel, they still lend a rustic ambiance into a room and would give a pastel wall a touch of color.


The white kitchen cabinet works well for displaying tea pots and other knick-knacks and the drawers can be used to hide away the clutter.

This is the home of Theresa and Craig Smith as featured in Country Living. I really love the decorations they used in their kitchen particularly the ones in these photos. Those small plants in pots by the window happily greet the sun every morning, the oversized spoon and fork wall decor (so appropriate, don’t you think?) and the pile of plates that are seemingly imperfect in roundness.



Of course, who could miss the black bold letters by the corner of the kitchen wall? The three letters are just a part of a banner but I think I like just the way it is in the photo.

featured in Country Living

photography by: Keith Scott Morton


I got these finds from a shop called the Online Discount Mart. It’s a simple table that can be placed in a kitchen corner; a very cute folding table which given the right accent can beautify any space in your kitchen; and a very dainty towel holder that hangs by the wall.


Photos via: Online Discount Mart

Here is a cute lighting for a kitchen ceiling from Target.

photo via: Target’s Kitchen Category

Even though not white, this dining room in various shades and prints of green is soo adorable. Love the chandelier, and the touches of whites and creams here and there.

Photo from:My Home Ideas


Inspirations from My Blog List

It’s going to be a very busy weekend but I hate to leave my blog alone for too long again. Not much time to go looking around but here are inspiring photos I found from my blog list. These photos caught my eye, sparked my curiosity, drew my breath, and made me wish I had a digital camera all the more! Still saving for it 🙂

I’ve seen a lot of captivating things from awesome bloggers this week but it would take me the whole day to feature everything. Surely, this won’t be the first and last time I’ll be sharing my picks. Thanks for dropping by and have a great, great weekend!

Photo by Psycho Roy via Heart Fish

What’s Behind the green door? I wonder. hmmm, this green is a curious color.

Photo by: You Are What You Love

This view from her window pane feels familiar. I really enjoyed her post about her day making paper cut outs for her school project.

Photo by: Jennifer Squires Production via: Decor8

I would love to hang the purple dandelion in my white wall when I get to have one.

Photo by: Rachel B. Blog

I wouldn’t mind having yellow moonflowers on my wall either.

Photo via: Pictures and Pancakes

Whisky Orange Marmalade, refreshing and delish! I should try making this preserve one of these days.

Photo by: The Cherry Blossom Girl

Gorgeous! The fashion photos on her blog are simply breathtaking!

Photo by: l’ Atelier Vi via: Oh Joy

Now if this isn’t tempting, what is?

Photo via: Chocolate Creative

Those polaroid photos in a heart-shaped form caught my eye.

Photo by: Happy Things

Home grown veggies, what can be better? I love to cook and part of my list of things to do is to grow my own home grown garden even if just in pots. This is so Jamie At Home.

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I Feel Like Going to Bed Today

Today was a lazy day. I feel like not going anywhere and just staying in my bed. After doing my work, I looked around bedroom designs that I love. These are my finds:

photo from: HGTV
(designer: Andreas Charalambous

This contemporary bedroom makes use of a Japanese-inspired bed and a Nelson bench with very minimal accessories. This design is very relaxing though I would have liked the chair to have a rich color.

Photo from: Fresh Home

This bedroom is gorgeous. It’s breezy and calming. Love that ball of light and the breakfast table on the rug. Wouldn’t mind adding just a touch of color or an oversized black and white photo on the wall. I might also change the beige bedding into yellow or white. But I love the layout of this room. So spacious!

South Shore Furniture Cosmos Black Platform Bed

I’m not usually into dark tones when it comes to the bedroom (or any room of the house I guess) but the black and red coordination in this room caught my eye. The lines are simple and defined and the bold color of the pieces perfectly bring life to the pale walls and floors.



This one is an adorable bed. I’m not too crazy about canopy beds but this is one is subtle. Love the colors and the floral / stripe accents on the bedding. Love the accessory and the chandelier isn’t too overwhelming. The green walls work with the dainty white bed. I really like this bedroom. It’s so fresh and calming.


Fashion Bed Group Casey Daybed
by bedroomfurnituremart

I like this daybed because it looks neat and functional too. This would work for smaller bedrooms or even in the living room or in any empty space in the house, especially if you need additional storage.

Photo from: Remodeling My Space

Another contemporary bedroom with funky simplicity. Notice that light fixture on the ceiling? This room uses very simple lines and light shades of beige for calmness. That flat screen wall TV sure didn’t hurt.

Etsy Love: Bags, Bags and more Bags!

Last Thursday, I posted about the Big Bag of Luck Giveaway hosted by Carried Awaythe Etsy bag makers team. I didn’t have all the time to find all 26 shamrock logos or “bag of luck” tag but I did enjoy hopping shops! Here are some of my favorite finds:

These printed pouches from Wolfbait are soooo cute especially this brown “Happy Street” pouch!

I love the rectangular red wallet and blue bag from Urban Harmonie.

These fun baggies from Tropical Crush Bags are ready for the summer!

These items are by Sew Artsy (green pouch) and Solsisters (purple wristlet).

Check out the button accent on this bag by Naught Monkeys
Love these black and white bags from London Purple!

Love these bags from Keren Meyers

Aren’t these retro bags adorable? Love their oldies feel! These are Brinda Kay Designs.

Feel the spring fever with these colorful bags by Aggie Ray (yellow floral) and Boxie Britches (white and red accents)

Love these fun prints from Bags and Buds

Oh, these bags from Ala Mode Stuff are classy yet not boring! Ideal for going to the office or client meetings.

Etsy Love: Seeing Red -Girls in the Eyes of Various Artists

Here are five girls drawn from the eyes of different artists. They have different styles of expression but all of these talented artists can be found in the wonderful world of Etsy.

Poppy by Darklingwood
This girl in red and poppies is a creation of Cat Mallard, a visual artist from North Florida. She is also a public school Art teacher for 20 years. Most of her drawings are inspired by fairytales and myths. She uses watercolor, gouache and pixie dusts!

“Please Lord, It’s Broken Again” by Best Art Studios

Jamie Best aka “Bellatrix” is the owner/artist behind Best Art Studios. This painting is part of her “Poison Trees” series. Most of her collections are made up of dark art paintings done in acrylic, textures and other mediums. One of her works, “Morning Splendor” is part of the The Fine Art Collection of The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.
My Captain by Hide n Seek

The painting behind this art calls herself “Hidden Eloise”. I like her drawings of little girls that remind me of Heidi in the Alps.
Cherry Bomb by Scarlett Cat

Kate Lightfoot or Scarlett is a self-taught painter from Melbourne. I like her drawings of flirty, quirky, wide-eyed girls. Her favorite mediums are pencil and gouache.


Black and Cherry by Arts and Ghosts

Louise is based in the United Kingdom and lives with her black kitty Master Mirlo. Her collection is made up of digital illustrations and collage. Surreal, magical, eerie, breathtaking- that’s how I would describe her art.


Shabby Chic Monday

The origin of Shabby Chic style has been seen in French and Swedish homes way back in the 18th century. The concept became very popular in the 80’s and around this time, the term Shabby Chic was coined by The World of Interiors magazine.

In 1989, Rachel Ashwell opened her first store in Santa Monica, California and named her company Shabby Chic. The shop originally sold Rachel’s furniture slipcovers and flea market finds.

Today, there are many Shabby Chic stores in the US and although its line of collection has expanded to beddings, furniture and accessories, it still lives up to it’s theme “Less is more”.

Here are my favorites from Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic:
Love the wooden bookshelf with the old worn-out look. The detail on the legs of the side table is simple and adds just a tad of flair and I like the intentional chipped white paint. I also love the idea of using slipcovers on chairs and sofa because you can just take them off and wash them any time.

Rachel Ashwell has also inspired many talented designers who have opened their own line of shabby-chic style stores.

Love this coffee-table piece from A Bit of Paris.

photos from: A Bit of Paris

I like that the top is made of clear glass so you can see the beautiful rug on the floor. I like that the books informally yet neatly piled under the table so you can just sit on the floor and grab a read. The white vintage tray with romantic floral accents perfects this look.
These two Cottage Style pieces are from Notooshabby.

photos from: Notooshabby

The cushion on the chairs look soft and comfy. I think they’re detachable too so they can washed and worn. The coffee table looks very rustic yet appealing.
This French country inspiration is from The Old Painted Cottage.

I was drawn to the rose-colored metal wire basket and the grey chest. Very vintage!

I also found these shabby-chic-inspired furniture from Target’s Simply Shabby Chic

photos from: Simply Shabby Chic

This line of collection is also designed by Rachel Ashwell. All these three pieces are priced at below $100. The vanity mirror costs $69, the cabinet wall with drawer costs $54.99 and the cream dual-shelves with towel hanger costs $39.49. Matched with the right accents, I think these pieces will look fabulous!

The shabby chic style is synonymous to classic simplicity. Whites, creams and pastels are prominent colors. The shabby chic designer knows exactly what a great find is when she sees one. The shabby chic artist finds treasure in junk and discovers true beauty in what seems to have faded.