Shabby Chic Monday

The origin of Shabby Chic style has been seen in French and Swedish homes way back in the 18th century. The concept became very popular in the 80’s and around this time, the term Shabby Chic was coined by The World of Interiors magazine.

In 1989, Rachel Ashwell opened her first store in Santa Monica, California and named her company Shabby Chic. The shop originally sold Rachel’s furniture slipcovers and flea market finds.

Today, there are many Shabby Chic stores in the US and although its line of collection has expanded to beddings, furniture and accessories, it still lives up to it’s theme “Less is more”.

Here are my favorites from Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic:
Love the wooden bookshelf with the old worn-out look. The detail on the legs of the side table is simple and adds just a tad of flair and I like the intentional chipped white paint. I also love the idea of using slipcovers on chairs and sofa because you can just take them off and wash them any time.

Rachel Ashwell has also inspired many talented designers who have opened their own line of shabby-chic style stores.

Love this coffee-table piece from A Bit of Paris.

photos from: A Bit of Paris

I like that the top is made of clear glass so you can see the beautiful rug on the floor. I like that the books informally yet neatly piled under the table so you can just sit on the floor and grab a read. The white vintage tray with romantic floral accents perfects this look.
These two Cottage Style pieces are from Notooshabby.

photos from: Notooshabby

The cushion on the chairs look soft and comfy. I think they’re detachable too so they can washed and worn. The coffee table looks very rustic yet appealing.
This French country inspiration is from The Old Painted Cottage.

I was drawn to the rose-colored metal wire basket and the grey chest. Very vintage!

I also found these shabby-chic-inspired furniture from Target’s Simply Shabby Chic

photos from: Simply Shabby Chic

This line of collection is also designed by Rachel Ashwell. All these three pieces are priced at below $100. The vanity mirror costs $69, the cabinet wall with drawer costs $54.99 and the cream dual-shelves with towel hanger costs $39.49. Matched with the right accents, I think these pieces will look fabulous!

The shabby chic style is synonymous to classic simplicity. Whites, creams and pastels are prominent colors. The shabby chic designer knows exactly what a great find is when she sees one. The shabby chic artist finds treasure in junk and discovers true beauty in what seems to have faded.



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