Etsy Love: Seeing Red -Girls in the Eyes of Various Artists

Here are five girls drawn from the eyes of different artists. They have different styles of expression but all of these talented artists can be found in the wonderful world of Etsy.

Poppy by Darklingwood
This girl in red and poppies is a creation of Cat Mallard, a visual artist from North Florida. She is also a public school Art teacher for 20 years. Most of her drawings are inspired by fairytales and myths. She uses watercolor, gouache and pixie dusts!

“Please Lord, It’s Broken Again” by Best Art Studios

Jamie Best aka “Bellatrix” is the owner/artist behind Best Art Studios. This painting is part of her “Poison Trees” series. Most of her collections are made up of dark art paintings done in acrylic, textures and other mediums. One of her works, “Morning Splendor” is part of the The Fine Art Collection of The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.
My Captain by Hide n Seek

The painting behind this art calls herself “Hidden Eloise”. I like her drawings of little girls that remind me of Heidi in the Alps.
Cherry Bomb by Scarlett Cat

Kate Lightfoot or Scarlett is a self-taught painter from Melbourne. I like her drawings of flirty, quirky, wide-eyed girls. Her favorite mediums are pencil and gouache.


Black and Cherry by Arts and Ghosts

Louise is based in the United Kingdom and lives with her black kitty Master Mirlo. Her collection is made up of digital illustrations and collage. Surreal, magical, eerie, breathtaking- that’s how I would describe her art.




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