Inspirations from My Blog List

It’s going to be a very busy weekend but I hate to leave my blog alone for too long again. Not much time to go looking around but here are inspiring photos I found from my blog list. These photos caught my eye, sparked my curiosity, drew my breath, and made me wish I had a digital camera all the more! Still saving for it 🙂

I’ve seen a lot of captivating things from awesome bloggers this week but it would take me the whole day to feature everything. Surely, this won’t be the first and last time I’ll be sharing my picks. Thanks for dropping by and have a great, great weekend!

Photo by Psycho Roy via Heart Fish

What’s Behind the green door? I wonder. hmmm, this green is a curious color.

Photo by: You Are What You Love

This view from her window pane feels familiar. I really enjoyed her post about her day making paper cut outs for her school project.

Photo by: Jennifer Squires Production via: Decor8

I would love to hang the purple dandelion in my white wall when I get to have one.

Photo by: Rachel B. Blog

I wouldn’t mind having yellow moonflowers on my wall either.

Photo via: Pictures and Pancakes

Whisky Orange Marmalade, refreshing and delish! I should try making this preserve one of these days.

Photo by: The Cherry Blossom Girl

Gorgeous! The fashion photos on her blog are simply breathtaking!

Photo by: l’ Atelier Vi via: Oh Joy

Now if this isn’t tempting, what is?

Photo via: Chocolate Creative

Those polaroid photos in a heart-shaped form caught my eye.

Photo by: Happy Things

Home grown veggies, what can be better? I love to cook and part of my list of things to do is to grow my own home grown garden even if just in pots. This is so Jamie At Home.



  1. >Thank you so much for featuring my purple flower photograph! I really appreciate it.:JenniferFresh photography for hip

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