Shabby Chic Monday: Kitchen Inspirations

It’s a Shabby Chic Monday and I found these photos online that can inspire you in decorating your own kitchen.
I love these baker’s racks from Home Decorators Collection. Although not white or pastel, they still lend a rustic ambiance into a room and would give a pastel wall a touch of color.


The white kitchen cabinet works well for displaying tea pots and other knick-knacks and the drawers can be used to hide away the clutter.

This is the home of Theresa and Craig Smith as featured in Country Living. I really love the decorations they used in their kitchen particularly the ones in these photos. Those small plants in pots by the window happily greet the sun every morning, the oversized spoon and fork wall decor (so appropriate, don’t you think?) and the pile of plates that are seemingly imperfect in roundness.



Of course, who could miss the black bold letters by the corner of the kitchen wall? The three letters are just a part of a banner but I think I like just the way it is in the photo.

featured in Country Living

photography by: Keith Scott Morton


I got these finds from a shop called the Online Discount Mart. It’s a simple table that can be placed in a kitchen corner; a very cute folding table which given the right accent can beautify any space in your kitchen; and a very dainty towel holder that hangs by the wall.


Photos via: Online Discount Mart

Here is a cute lighting for a kitchen ceiling from Target.

photo via: Target’s Kitchen Category

Even though not white, this dining room in various shades and prints of green is soo adorable. Love the chandelier, and the touches of whites and creams here and there.

Photo from:My Home Ideas


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