Searching For a Knick Knack Wooden Cabinet

My friend Kat is in search of a wooden cabinet for her room. She’s thinking about buying one from Papemelroti, a local gift shop that sells paper crafts, gift items and furniture. She asked me to take a look at their online shop and suggest what I like.
They have an adorable collection of wooden cabinets and storage units! Here are my favorites from the shop:
Prarie Cupboard
Height: 49″ Length: 27″Width: 11″
Php 3,950/ U$ 113


Mini Hutch
Height: 55.5″ Length: 19″ Width: 11″
Price: P4,750.00 / $136


Charlie Shoe Cabinet
Walnut stained finish.
Height: 40″ Width: 14.5″ Length: 29.5″ Weight: 52 kg
Price: P5,479 / $156.55


Apple Spice Cabinet (with 4 metal knobs)
Comes with a choice of wooden or wrought iron handles and with or without decorative tiles. Walnut stained finish.
Price: P3,850 / $110



Four-Tile Cabinet
Walnut stained finish
29″h x 13″w x 24″l
Price: P2350/ $68

Jewelry Collection or Miniature Cabinet
Walnut stain finish.
Height: 28″ Length: 15″ Width: 9″
Price: Php 2250 / US$ 65


I’m loving these smaller pieces that you can hung on a wall or place atop a desk to display knick-knacks, accessories or collection items.


Heart Pine Shelf
Height: 22″ Length: 15 5/8″ Width: 3 1/8″ order
Price: P499 / $ 14.26

Tall High Shelf

Height: 23.5″ Length: 7 1/8″ Width: 5.5″ order
Price: P499 / $ 14.26


Two Door Wall Curio with Tiles
Walnut stain finish.
Height: 25″ Length: 20.5″ Width: 5″
Price: Php 1,560.00/ U$ 45

Lastly, I’m so in love with these 2 pieces. The price is reasonable and I’ve been wanting to buy a trunk to place all my junk in. The Bench Trunk costs more but it’s sturdy enough to sit on. I’ll have to save for it.




Pine Trunk
Comes in two sizes, with or without the wrought iron handles.
Walnut stained finish.
Height: 12″ Length: 22.75″ Width: 12.5″
Price: Php 1100 / U$ 32

Bench Trunk
Height: 23″ Length: 23.5″ Width: 15.75″
Price: Php 2,985 / U$ 86


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