A Flair for Vintage: Old Trunks and Suitcases

Vintage trunks or suitcases are ideal storage pieces to put clutter out of sight, keep personal memorabilia in a safe place, organize things and decorate a room.

I don’t think I ever laid eyes on an authentic vintage trunk or suitcase, I just see them in the movies. I found these fab vintage pieces here and there (some from online shops and some are from Etsy) so I put them together into a post. Hope you’ll enjoy the visit:)

via: Pedlars

These are vintage trunks and suitcases sold at Brettuns Village.

Some of these date back from the 1940s. 1950s and most of them look really used and worn-out. I was surprised to see the Before and After photos sent by buyers who bought them as junk and refurbished them into clean, shiny, stylish, expensive-looking vintage pieces.

photos via: apartment therapy

Not so much into pink but I’m sooo in love with these adorable pink suitcases from nanacompany. I wish I have a room with white walls to put them in. *sigh, I wish I could buy this:)

via: nanacompany

via: moxie thrift

Love this hat case from
high street market

I like the yellow one please 🙂

via: jessjamesjake

vintage doll case from: bellalulu

via: get ready set go

I love these. Especially the red with poppies!
And the photos!

A suitcase in vintage print is great too.
This one I found from a shop called soulful hues.

via: scottieina canoe

via: shopworthy

Vintage trunk sets from: Target
Suitcases are piled on top of the other for functionality and decor.
But here are other fabulous ideas to do with old trunks and suitcases:

Suitcases turned to a wine rack and vanity shelf from vanity case.

Bitter Betty turned an old suitcase into a car tool kit.

What about a comfortable yet stylish vintage bed for your dear feline? If I had a cat I would definitely get one of these from vintage rennaisance. Would you?

Here’s a how-to video by Tracy Porter on how to make a stylish shelf made out of vintage trunk or suitcase. Do you have a vintage trunk or suitcase? Do you use it or would you like to get rid of it? Do you have other ideas on how to make an old, worn-out trunk into a functional and artsy piece?


  1. >I love those pink and re cases too. Love this blog Rachel. I will link to you in a post soon. i tried to leave you a comment on your writer’s blog too but it wouldnt let me – still doesnt love me, lol! Have a great day.

  2. >wow! this is such a great collection! thank you for including mine…such great company i have and such a wonderful host. the colors and styles are so delish.

  3. >Ok, originally my comment was going to say how fab all these suitcases are and how that’s only increasing my desire to acquire more… But oh my gosh the cat beds are brilliant! I might have to put my crafty other half on the case! (Sorry having a bad pun day!)

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