How Much Time Do You Spend Creating One Blog Post?

It seems like the longest time since I posted or visited any blog after the Lemonade Award . Our vacation took longer than expected but we had fun and it was great to spend time with my family in Manila.

Back in our little home, it’s been raining every day the whole day since we got here. Outside it’s wet and windy and during moments when the rain stops, the sky is still filled with gray clouds. There has been lots of cleaning to do because we left the house by itself for a month so you can imagine the mold and dusts it collected. Half of our laundry have been washed but couldn’t hang out to dry because of the rain.

We have started a project which I’m very excited about but I’m not yet going to talk about it now, hehehe. I still have to do my rounds as promised. But for now, I’d like to thank my 3 new followers (last time I checked, there were 19) – evrydiki, Rachel B., and Miss Aimee.

I also got 2 comments from Lillie and she was asking me about the average time I spend on creating posts. I tried clicking on her name but it did not lead me to her blog or profile. Since I couldn’t get back to her, I’m just going to respond to her question here.

This was her rel=”nofollow”comment:

how sweet! i’ve been trying to improve my own blog lately–but i started wondering if i was crazy because i could spend forever creating each post. i’d be so interested to know: what do you think your average time is for writing/editing/formatting a post? – Lillie

My old posts on this blog were purely shopping articles. I used to spend an hour at most, researching about the topic, writing, editing and posting. I’m sometimes guilty of not editing my posts especially when I’m swamped with work.

Lately, my posts have been more specific and personal. I’ve been featuring my favorite shops and products with links to the sources so I usually spend 2 to three hours putting together one post. The part that takes me longest to do is uploading the photos to the blog because I don’t have a high speed internet connection. I also spend hours linking back to the sources, editing the HTML code so that the links would open to another window and making sure that the links are properly working.

There were posts where I spent half my day making. I get so engrossed looking for items to complete the theme that I was putting together that I don’t even notice time. It turns out, these were my most favorite posts as well. And also the most well-received posts judging from the comments 🙂

I certainly hope Lillie drops by again so I could visit her blog too. If you happen to know her, I hope you could lead her back here, 🙂 How about you? How long does it usually take you to put up a post?


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