ShopBug’s Shop of the Week

Hopefully, by July I can start posting the new Shop of the Week segment. I had featured a few shops for Shop of the Month on this blog but each day, I’m discovering so many interesting shops that are worth featuring so I thought it would be great to feature one shop each week and give more sellers a chance to be highlighted. What do you think?

Also, I figured that instead of just talking about my personal picks from the shop, I would include a short interview with the shop owner. I know that other bloggers had been doing this and it’s really great because it gives the seller the opportunity to reach out and readers- like me , get a glimpse of the seller’s personality.

For shop owners, would you be willing to answer a few questions from your email if you were to be chosen as Shop of the Week? I really would love to get feedback on this one as I’m sure that most of you have very busy schedules. Would you prefer to have an interview included or not?

Sent out a couple of emails to some of my favorite shops and I’m also taking this chance to invite sellers who would like to be featured as Shop of the Week to leave a comment or send email to I would be excitedly waiting. Thanks =)



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