The Beatiful Art of Recycling Paper

Paper is one of the most widely used materials all over the world. We use it at home, in schools, offices, businesses, etc. Practically everywhere we go, we use paper in one way or another.
Recycled Paper Vase via Tree Hugger

But did you know that:

“154,574 tons of paper wastes were disposed of at the landfill in 2006”? (

“Recycling one ton of recyclable paper saves 3,700 pounds of lumber and 24,000 gallons of water.” (

“Every ton of paper recycled saves more than 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space” (

“About one fifth of the contents of household dustbins consist of paper and card, of which half is newspapers and magazines. This is equivalent to over 4kg of waste paper per household in the UK each week.” (

“The American Forest & Paper Association has set a goal of 60 percent recovery by the year 2012.” (earth911.c0m)

“It almost always takes less energy to make a product from recycled materials than it does to make it from new materials. – Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Recycled Paper Vase from Wishing Fish

Why Recycle Paper?

The great news is, paper is a recyclable material and we can all take part to help reduce paper wastes. Creating new things from recycled materials helps us:
  • conserve energy
  • conserve our natural resources
  • prevent the emission of many greenhouse gases and water pollutants
  • reduce the need for new landfills
  • create more jobs
Consumers can make a big difference. enlists the steps you can do in your local community to promote the use of environmental papers. Also, check out these practical ways on how you can do your share to reduce paper wastes.

Here’s a timely guidefrom the Natural Resources Defence Council (NDRC) on buying home tissue products from manufacturers that support the environment through 100% recycling. The next time I shop from the grocery, I’ll make sure to look for the right brand. I just hope there are local manufacturers in the Philippines that support 100% recycling. I was surprised to learn that Kleenex is one brand to avoid.

I found these items online sold over at Ten Thousand Villages. They were made by women artisans at the Women’s Multipurpose Cooperative, Philippines.

Justify FullRecycled Paper Craft from Ten Thousand Villages

I searched for recycled paper products at Target and found these – bottle vases, paper bowls, picture frame and a magazine holder.
Recycled Paper Products from Target

And of course, I searched Etsy for handmade products made out of recycled paper and I am amazed at the all the beautiful creations of these artistic Etsy sellers.

mini journal, mini postage stamp books and paper bowls by White Dragon Paper
Craft Art Journal Tutorial and Kit by Evalicious
journal; buttons stitched on paper

Poetry Jewellery by Jane Alexandra Cormack
earrings and necklace made from re-cycled business cards

eco-friendly paper jewelry by squishi sushi

Beautiful Recycled Paper by Artspell
papier mache bowl; paper bead bracelet; papier mache jar, paper pear earrings; paper bead necklace; scissor bowl; recycled cardl paper machie art jar

I am inspired to do my own recycled paper project. Aren’t You?

More Links on Paper Recycling:
  • a step by step video on how to recycle old paper and turn them into new
  • the how-to’s on creating Origami (Japanese art of paper folding) out of old magazines
  • a Phillippine shop that sells handmade paper recycling kit
  • Visit and enter your zip code to find out the nearest recycling bank near you.
  • Call The Yellow Pages Directory Recycling Scheme freephone recycling helpline at 0800 671 444 for advice on where and how to recycle old Yellow Pages directories.

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