Make Believe Shopping: Urban Outfitters

I’ve been hearing a lot about Urban Outfitters lately that I had to check it out.
via: Decor8
“Take Me As I Am”
a snapshot from their 2009 Fall Preview Book

I like the versatility of its collection- clothing and accessories for women and men; furniture; home decor; and even vintage collectibles.

Here are my personal favorites from the shop:

“The Photographer’s Eye”
photography manual

Hanging Glass Bottle

Bedouin Embroidered Rug

Rabbit Scissors

Grey Stripe Dress

Romantic Floral Dress

Ruffled Bag

Blu Dot Bendzo Sofa

Forest Pillow by Lisa de John

Owls Applique Pillow

white embroidered dress
vintage tee

vintage head band



  1. >Wow, you've been posting like a crazy woman! I have sooo enjoyed all your posts this week; so much info and beautiful photos. That ruffle bag! Thanks for all the links. Who needs magazines when they've got your blog! Wendy xx

  2. >thanks ennui, i had a great weekend=)Wendy, thanks so much for dropping by, i'm glad you enjoy the posts.. i had fun making them as well! Have a great week! 🙂

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