Indoor and Outdoor Planters from Planterixchange

Planterixchange is an online provider of high end planters for both residential and commercial uses. I was impressed by their wide selection of decorative planters for all kinds of purposes and budget ranges. Take a look at these:
from their Window Box Planters collection
I would love to have a home with a window box planter blooming with flowers. Would you?
the umbrella rope planter by H. Potter

This planter is a perfect centerpiece for an outdoor patio.

Square Stainless Steel Planter

Round Stainless Steel Planter

These understated rust-free planters in spheres and squares will lend elegance to a room.

Terrariums by H. Potter
I never knew that terrariums can be so beautiful. Did you know that you can grow a small garden inside your home? Terrariums can go for weeks without watering so it’s great for busy people.These indoor planters may contain ferns and small plants that create a miniature landscape. The plants transpire moisture through the leaves, the moisture condenses on the glass, and water flows back to the soil. This is known as the ‘rain effect’.

Thimble Pots by H. Potter
I love these thimble pots! They are stainless steel with a beautiful metallic finish and a whimsical thimble design. Drainage holes have been pre-drilled for watering.

Clay Potters by Deroma

These planters have a minimalist appeal, carefully handmade from fine clay and patented with Italian design.

Outdoor Planters by Crescent Ware

Garden Ware by Crescent Gardens
These beautiful garden plantersare best known for their durability (backed up with 10-year warranty). These pieces were created with the use of “rotational molding” or “roto molding” which results to a consistent, even wall thickness.


  1. >My window boxes are old cedar, worn and aged…..but I fill them every season with beautiful flowers.Love the window boxes here, but I'm afraid they're too nice for my home 🙂

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