Make Believe Shopping: Fabulous & Sexy Shoes

This luscious Giuseppe Zanotti heels is one of Vogue’s most wanted summer wardrobe essentials for their July issue. No, I’m not really the high-heeled-shoe girl type but I can’t help but be tempted! Isn’t it so sexy?

Oh, and here’s more . . .


Which one caught your eye?



  1. >I'm loving the Liz Claiborne and Paris Hilton shoes! But I wouldn't have anywhere to wear them! I only ever buy black or brown shoes. I actually have a pink pair that I love, but the only pink clothes I have aren't exactly the same shade.

  2. >i agree with The Sice Family…the Liz Claiborne ones rock. i also like Proper Etiquette by Seychelles as well. although they are fun to look at, my feet would go on immediate strike if i tried to put these on them.

  3. >Oh I love them all. Good selection Rachel. Mmm other than not being able to afford them I would have no where to wear them. How boring am I?

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