Shop of the Week: You Are What You Love

Finally, this is what I’ve been looking forward to since the idea of turning the Shop of the Month segment into the Shop of the Week. This segment will be posted every Sunday but since the 1st day of July starts on Wednesday, we will start the Shop the Week series today=)
Our very first shop to be featured is You Are What You Love. The shop is owned by Aprile Elcich and she makes beautiful collages out of vintages books and paper. I sent Aprile a bunch of questions for the Q&A and I enjoyed her candid answers. For such a young age, I admire her sense of creativity and boldness in launching her own home business. Let’s get to know Aprile a little bit more:

What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?
You Are What You Love is actually a song by Jenny Lewis, one of my favourite musicians. I just think it’s an amazing quote and it makes you think about what you love the most. I love collage and making art, and so it seemed to me like a natural match. It might not be the most catchy, but I still like it!

Read the interview on Beautiful Handmade blog.



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