Online Shops and Business Web Directories

Online shop owners should be able to get more exposure by using business web directories. Yes, aside from making sure that your online store is indexed by leading search engines like Yahoo and Google, it’s a good idea to submit your website to business web directories.

What’s the difference between Search Engines and Business Web Directories?

While a search engine scans through all types of web pages, a business web directory exclusively scans business-related pages. Thus, it returns more specific results. If you’re someone looking for a supplier, a sponsor or a business-to-business partner, you can surely get a more precise list of business web sites using a web directory for business.

Yahoo! Directory and The Open Directory Project or DMOZ are two of the most popular directories for businesses in the World Wide Web. Another huge directory is

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your business website will be included in the larger directory listings. But take note that getting approved at Yahoo! Directory, The Open Directory Project or wouldn’t be that easy. Every day thousands of businesses submit their own sites to these directories so you may need to wait for a few months before getting an approval. For this reason, submitting to smaller scale directories for business can be a smart move.

Jasmine Directory and Max Directory are examples of human edited directories that are worth checking out. Both offer a free listing service for small businesses and even larger businesses alike. And because these directories are human edited, nuisance sites are blocked from the listing.

Before enlisting your website URL to these directories, be sure to choose a category that is closest to your line of business. This way, when prospective customers do their search, your website will surely be included in the appropriate listing. Add to this, doing so will ensure that your submission will get approved more easily.


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