Tips On Buying A New or Used Car



Compare mileage ratings. Choose a car that is both cost-efficient and energy efficient. See to it that the cars engine is in good shape and consider the vehicle’s gas usage vs mileage ratio.

Consider the size. If you want to buy a personal car, it may be okay to go with a two-door car but if you plan to buy something for the family, there should be enough seating and comfort not only for the passengers but for the driver as well.


2009 Chevrolet Colorado Work Truck

Think about your budget. When it comes to choosing the design or the look of the car, be realistic. Sure you may be able to purchase a fancier model with your car loan, but is it really worth it? Or can you settle for a slightly older model of a car for a lower price that delivers exactly or almost the same level of performance?

Consider a hybrid car. Hybrid cars may be more expensive but these are certainly cost-saving cars and much friendlier to the environment.


Toyota Prius


Hire a pro mechanic. When personally inspecting a prospective car purchase, best take a professional mechanic with you, unless you are the Pro. This is importantly especially if you’re buying a used car.

Test drive. Always go for a test drive. Better, if you have a mechanic with you.

Check out car reviews. One good way to know more information about different vehicle brands and models is to read online automobile reviews. Find out which ones are best sellers and poor sellers in the market or which ones are raving positive and negative feedback. The infiniti site has some good reviews on all vehicle brands and styles.


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