Vintage Theme Wall Art Reprints at Chef Decor

I checked out Chef Decor today and I must say I enjoyed browsing around the shop. It offers lithographic and serigraphic art prints, and although not the originals, these print reproductions are said to be of the museum fine-art quality.

Looking at these drawings and doodles make me yearn about Paris –
I dream of walking on its streets, having good conversations in its cafes…

Limoncello and Olio d’Oliva by Sophie Hanin

Nouvelle Cuisine 1v by Sophie Harding ; Chef to Go by Jennifer Garant
Tossing Chef by Dena Marie ;
Chocolat, Paris by Katharine Gracey
Cafe de Venice by Kate McRostie ; Miel de Lavande by Katharine Gracey
Guacamole by unknown artist ; Finest Espresso by Kate and Liz Pope

Pastry Chef by Stephanie Marrott

The vintage shop signs would make fabulous wall decor for a kitchen, don’t you think?

Spaghetti al Fresco by Rob Scotton

Maison de Ville by Katharine Gracey

Mes Amis II by Jennifer Garant

These last three art works are my favorites: Rob Scotton’s Spaghetti al Fresco (the cow chef is sooo cute), Katharine Gracey’s Maison de Ville (this reminds of Babe, the movie) and Jennifer Garant’s Mes Amis II (I imagine these girls are me and my best girl B, in Paris, someday).

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