Shop of the Week: Chez-Sucre-Chez

It’s a Sunday and I’m happy to announce that today, we are featuring Chez-Sucre-Chez as Shop of the week. I first saw one of her pouches at MadeByGirl’s blog and love it. She has been featured in many magazines, online mags, handmade shops online, blogs and I guess most of you are familiar with her or her shop.
She creates fine little things like pillows, tea towels, aprons, pouches and little animal dolls I really like the Piggy Goes to Market tote, the cross-stitched hoops, and the animal dolls (see photos at the bottom) from her store. I also fell in love with her L-O-V-E cross-stitched wall decor (remember this? 10 ways to say Love).
~ Kim ~
The talented girl/lady behind Chez-Sucre-Chez is Kimberly Scola. She owns the Bigcartel online store and an Etsy shop as well. Despite her very busy sched, I’m so glad that she has obliged to do this interview.
Ever wondered what chez sucre chez means?
Let’s go and find out;)

Read the entire interview at Beautiful Handmade blog.



  1. >thanks so much for featuring my shop, rachel! i really enjoyed corresponding with you to put it together and it looks FANTASTIC! i grabbed a few of the photo collages and posted links on my blog — thank you!!!

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