Shop of the Week: Jane Alexandra Cormack

Our Shop of the Week is owned by Jane Alexandra Cormack. I stumbled upon Jane’s Etsy shop when I was putting together a post on paper recycling. Most of her creations include recycled materials – paper, beads, ceramic, sea glass, silver, shells, pebbles, drift wood, business cards, postcards; a mix of this and that.
Learning about what she does besides creating items for her shop really makes you think “She’s one artistic person.” Besides creating jewelries, she also writes poems and songs. She’s very well traveled too: been in and around Europe, North and South America, Australia – and later Queenstown, New Zealand. I’m sure her experiences, the places she’s been and the people she met in her travels influence and inspire her art. Let’s get to know more about Jane Alexandra Cormack:

What is the inspiration behind your shop’s name?

Well, shop name yeah, not exactly a mystery. I was originally called JAC ART years ago because I was creating a lot of different art works but I thought my own name sounded more elegant and so I chose ‘Jane Alexandra’ for my business for a while.

But then I already had a website called, so I thought things might get a bit confusing with the different names so decided to use all three!! It’s quite long I know and I may change it in the future when my etsy store sells out!!! Then I can open a new one!!

Read the complete interview at Beautiful Handmade blog.


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