Your Guide to Buying An Anti-Virus Software

Each time we browse the internet, our computers are threatened by viruses, worms, malware, spyware, and other malicious programs that can destroy or hack files in our computer systems. If you have a computer, one of the important things you must invest on is an anti-virus software.

Today, we can find so many anti-virus software from different manufacturers that choosing one can be confusing. Here are tips on how to buy the right one.

Make sure the software is compatible with the operating system you use. Yes, not all anti virus applications will be effective running with your OS. Check the specifications and requirements before making a purchase.

Choose an anti-virus program with automatic background protection. The application must be designed to run in the background , continuously scanning and protecting your PC for possible viruses.

Choose a software that provides a file recovery feature. This can be invaluable in case your system is attacked by a new and destructive virus.

Choose one that recommends automatic updates. Since viruses evolve and hackers continuously create more sophisticated viruses, it is crucial to keep your antivirus program up to date at all times.

Check the manufacturer’s credentials. Buy only an anti-virus system that is tested, certified and recommended by trusted organizations such as the International Computer Security Association or ICSA, Virus Bulletin 100% Awards, PC Authority, etc.

Buy the whole package. Buying the complete suite will give you better internet security. The package must include a firewall protection, anti-malware, anti-spyware, e-mail protection, spam filter, phishing filter and rescue systems.

Make sure that you can enjoy free and reliable technical support. From installing the software, configuring, and maintaining the system, you must be able to get assistance from your manufacturer at any time without the hassle.


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