Shop of the Week: Black Ink and

Last month, I was introduced to the Black Ink Store and If only I live in Boston or at Harvard Square or anywhere near these cities, I would definitely visit these stores. Apart from offering an array of unique, well-designed and functional items for the home and the office- perfect for organizing stuff- the stores also display a vintage collection of tools, decor, etc.

On this week’s Q&A, let’s get to meet one of the co-founders and the owner of Black Ink, Susan Corcoran.

What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?

Black Ink on Charles Street in Boston is our original retail store, opening in 1994. When we first opened we had a large selection of rubber stamps we produced ourselves, many were vintage images, all were a bit unusual. As black ink was my favorite color to stamp with, we named the store Black Ink. At this time we sold a lot of rubber stamps and a few select personal accessories/gifts – times change and we now sell a lot of gifts and accessories and just a few rubber stamps…

Black Ink at 101 Charles St. Boston was the 1st store

Change has been a constant at Black Ink, we have always experimented and tried products that would not ordinarily be found in a retail store. We purchased many industrial and vintage industrial products to use in the store as fixtures and props, as our customers commented and asked about purchasing these pieces, we began to source industrial items to add to our product selection.

The Museum of Useful Things retail store window

We sold industrial canvas baskets, steel lockers and stools, and many restaurant supplies pieces that were functional and beautiful. From this collection came the inspiration to start our first website, the Museum of Useful Things. sold pieces that were fun and satisfying to use, like the giant woodshop dustpan, a spinning restaurant order rail, and a kraft box filled with oversize paperclips. show bill

As interest in these products was keen, we opened a brick and mortar store to display our vintage goods and sell the currently produced items. Although we are back to a website only for the Museum of Useful Things, still provides those hard to find useful items, and, as our tagline still reads “the beauty of function.”

A beautiful vintage tool, a stencil cutter, it stills works!
Behind the cutter – some of Susan’s many industrial tool catalogs,
which are a treasure trove of great images and duo-tone printing.

In the interim, a new, larger Black Ink was opened in Harvard Square, Cambridge. And we finally succumbed to a Black Ink website: We currently operate out of these two stores, running the two websites, and I keep an office/collection at home.

shelf full of useful items at Black Ink, Harvard Square store

What was the toughest challenge you faced so far?

The toughest challange of our store’s history was losing our co-founder, Timothy Corcoran, to cancer seven years ago. We continue in his spirit, bringing a bit of wit and humor to our friends, staff and loyal customers.

Please Name:

the things I do when not busy in shops:

Travel! This is where much inspiration hits, visiting other cultures, seeing how others live and work, and getting a fresh perspective on my own businesses. We recently spent time in Tokyo and are headed to Iceland next.

Work on my house. My home’s design has a symbiotic relationship to the design of the stores. I have incorporated many retail fixtures and elements into the house I share with my two kids and our pets. Like the stores, it is a functional and utilitarian space with lots of unusual and idiosyncratic pieces. The design is quite minimal, but is full of the vintage industrial pieces I collect and books and products found in our travels.

Reading is another source of inspiration. We sell many architectural and craft titles in our stores, so I try to keep up with what’s new and try some of the crafts (amigurumi is a current favorite.)


Susan’s vintage product collection in her home office
The shelves were originally used in the Museum of Useful Things retail store.

stuff inside your bag you can’t leave home without:

My MacBook goes everywhere, as does my iPod touch – need to have music and images available, and a camera. (My kids and dog are usually with me, too)

Toby – the family dog, who often comes to work with Susan
in the front window of the Harvard Square store.

your favorite shops:

Tokyo is a shopper’s paradise, loved Tokyu Hands and the original Muji and the Ginza Ito-ya and all the small quirky fashion boutiques. I can get my Japanese shopping fix in New York at Kinokuniya Bookstore, Takashimaya, Uni Qlo and Muji…

your top 3 picks from Black Ink:

Super Clips, the oversize paperclips we have been selling for years, I use them everyday.


4 Way rubberbands, another ingenious twist on an everyday product.

Whatever is newest, and that is subject to daily change!

What tips would you want to share for aspiring home based entrepreneurs like you?

Best to find what you really love to work with, as it can and will be all-consuming in terms of time and energy.

Don’t be afraid of change once underway, businesses must continue to morph and respond to changes in the business, economic and taste/style environments.

Have fun with it!

Susan Corcoran standing in the door of her corrugated metal-clad house, a year ago.
co-founder and current owner of Black Ink, and


Your message to customers and friends of Black Ink:

It’s been fifteen years since the first Black Ink opened, thank you for a wild ride, looking forward to more and different!



Now for my picks.
I really want to get myself these utilitarian things to help me get organized.


Peanut erasers that look like REAL peanuts


clipiolas ROUND paper clips

This is called the BOOK HUG. For reading a book without holding the pages!


ASPIRIN paper weight
I can really relate to this:)


animal cups
This one reminds me of Blur’s Coffee & TV

thumb things –
Okay, these are so yoru thumbs won’t get strained holding a book open
and doubles as bookmark too!

“sneaky uses for everyday things” handbook
Really Interesting book this one!

Thank you Quin for writing me about this shop. And thank you Susan for taking the time to do the interview. All the best to Black Ink Store and

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