Wall Organizer Must-Haves for the Home and Office

Are you looking for items to organize your stuff? Hang it up on the wall, save more space, and decorate your home or office with these cool finds:

Forget Me Not Wall Organizers and Wandregal Wallflower Weis
from: Design-3000

Uten.silo by Dorothy Becker at vitra.com


Loop de Loop Lace Shelf ; Shower Caddy
Birdcage Wall Jewelry Holder ; Honeycomb Bracket
Key Hook
All from: Urban Outfitters’ Apartment Decor

Cubby Wall Organizer and Kitchen Spice Rack
from: Pottery Barn

Bird Paperclip Magnet ; Toilet Man Scotch Tape Holder
Sink Paperclip Holder ; Tulips Hub

All from: ThisNext.com

mesh letter organizer ; fabric wall organizer
scarf hanger ; closet organizer

All from: The Container Store


unclutter your home with hanging organizers
All from: Stacks and Stacks


1. Centipede Organizer by Adam Und Harborth 2. Tree Hooked by Jan Habraken and AlissiaMT
3. Studio Organizer by Joe Colombo 4. Mountable Wine Rack by Blomus
5. Storyline Wall Shelving bystudio Frederick Roije 6. Modern Wall Bike Rack by Andrew Lang
All from: Nova68.c0m

Modern Organizer Pieces for the Wall
All from:



Graphix Wall Organizer from Madison Art Shop


Check out this DIY Project:
A Wall Organizer Made Out of Repurposed Cans
via: Green Upgrader

Which one of these pieces do you like?

One comment

  1. >Oh, you're making me want to shop, and I've already got the shopping bug from getting my Ikea catalogue today. I love LOTS of the wall storage pieces. If I had to buy only one it would be the birdcage jewellery holder – how completely cool is it? Wendy xxx

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