Shop of the Week: Oiseaux and Oiseauxnoir

Shelley Kommers wrote to me and introduced me to her online shop a few weeks ago. If you are a book lover, then you can’t possibly resist what her store offers. Bookplates to preserve our treasured books!

If you happen to like rummaging around second hand bookstores, they do sell lots of hardbound books that have lost their original covers. Shelley’s beautifully illustrated bookplates are the perfect way to bring these books to new life! I think children will absolutely love them! So without further ado, let’s get to know more of Oiseaux!

What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?
I love birds, and “oiseaux” happens to be my favorite word, it has always made me smile.
Justify Full
How old is your shop?
I started Oiseaux on the last day of november, 2007. It’s almost two years old.

What inspired you to start your own home business?
I made some bookplates for my friend’s daughter and they were such a hit that I thought: I wonder if anyone would buy these? I’d been lurking around etsy for awhile, looking at how people listed and photographed their items, so I’d already done my homework. One evening I decided to open up shop: I uploaded a banner and listed nine or ten different designs. I woke up the following morning to my first sale.

the artist behind Oiseaux

What was the toughest challenge you faced so far?
Thankfully my only challenge has been riding the waves between being insanely busy and little bits of boring drought.

How did you get over it?
During the slow times I enjoy being away from my computer and my printer! I focus on making art.

Please Name:

The things you do when you’re not busy in your shop. . .
I spend time with my brilliant family: my husband and four year old daughter; I make art, do a bit of design, go for long walks, and putter in the garden. I have a second shop, OiseauxNoir, where I sell prints of my artwork, and I’m concentrating on creating new work for some gallery shows.

Shelley calls this as Oiseaux’s Command Center

Stuff inside your bag you can’t leave home without. . .
My iphone, snacks and juice for my daughter, keys. Boring mom stuff, I wish I could list more glamorous things… but alas.

Your favorite shops. . .
Anthropologie, eBay (for vintage books), and way too many etsy shops to mention. That’s one of the perils of having a shop on etsy, I’m always wading through gobs of beautiful things before I can get down to business!

Your top 3 favorite picks from your shop. . .

Bluebird bookplates,
this happens to be one of my favorites too!Seaside mixed set of blank bookplates,
personalized Ring Around the Rosie print

What tips would you want to share for aspiring home based entrepreneurs like you?

Don’t be afraid to go for it! Honestly. I had no idea where opening up my shop would take me, but it has literally saved me during this crazy economy. (Surprise, huh?)

Any message to your customers and the people who support you?
I’m lucky to have been featured on some wonderful blogs, and that’s where so much of my business has come from. To all of you who have supported me: thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Shelley Kommers


Now, for my faves, I’ve chosen a few from Oiseaux and some beautiful Mixed Media Collage Art from her other shop, OiseauxNoir.


Owl and Moon

The 100 Year Old Bird

I would like to thank Shelley Kommers for doing this in Q&A. Thank you for sharing your art with us. I’m inviting all my readers to please check out the Etsy shops, Oiseaux and OiseauxNoir. Shelley also has a website and a blog that will surely be worth the visit.

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