>Make Believe Shopping: Hale Bob and LAmade



Silk tunic blouses and short dresses in print
from Hale Bob.

Black Flutter Sleeve Tunic ; Blue Short Sleeve Tunic
Price: $224.00 $112.00 ; Price: $193.00 $78.00

Dress w/ Waist Tie ; Kimono Sleeve Dress
Price: $303.00 $122.00 ; Price: $303.00 $122.00

These knitted sweaters from LAmade are perfect for the rainy days
and the coming cold season. The tops can be worn with jeans or over a dress!
Check out the green double breasted hoody – so cute!
Cable Jumper ; Pretty Pleat Sleeve Pullover
Price: $81.00 $32.40 ; Price: $213.75 $85.50

Double Breasted Sleeve Hoody ; Hidden Belt Cardigan
Price: $103.50 $41.40 ; Price: $101.25 $40.50

All items on sale here for today ONLY!


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