Must Have Shoes: What’s Your Shoe Type?

On usual days, I’m a girl who prefers to walk in flats than in heels. I love ballerina shoes and these comfortable walkers from OTBT.


These Madeline slip ons are so cute.
But of course, you can’t be wearing flats all the time. These shoes by Nicole have just the right heel and are a perfect wear to the office.


I also like these fall shoes by Apapezza.

Poetic License have a lovely mix of flat and heels. I love these two checkered pumps with accents of bow and flower!


If you’re shopping for shoes, check out for easy choosing. This online customizable shoe boutique gives you the option to narrow down searches by simply entering the exact style, color and size that you’re looking for. If you have a favorite brand, you can also shop by designer.

And because I like flats, I just enter the keyword “flats” in the huge banner search box and I get all the different styles of flats by various designers. I love online stores that allow you to customize your search according to categories. It eliminates all the extra hours browsing over stocks that you don’t really plan to buy.

What about you? What’s your shoe type?


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