Month: December 2009

Do’s and Dont’s of Regifting

In response to the recent economic slump, people are finding more creative ways (buying online, debt consolidation, credit counseling) to save money, stretch their budget, and avoid bad credit.  What about re-gifting?

Have you thought of “re-gifting” a gift that was given to you?  Maybe it’s something that does not really suit your style or something that you already received twice, will you “regift” if you were tight on the budget?

I haven’t tried re-gifting but I wouldn’t mind being given a “regift” as long as the person giving it to me gave it lots of thoughts to make sure that I will like it, and has given the extra effort to wrap it nicely and with love.

Consider these do’s and don’ts of re-gifting:

Don’t mention it.  The other person does not need to know it.

Don’t re-gift a used item.  It doesn’t matter if you have only used it or worn it once.  If you want to give someone something that you already used, then don’t disguise it as a gift.

Don’t make it obvious.  Some things must never be re-gifted – items that are undeniably unwanted, cheap, old (has been in your closet for a  year) or obsolete.

Remember who gave it.  Make sure that you are not giving it to the person who gave it to you.  Also, make sure that you will not give it to someone who KNOWS the person who gave it to you.

Wrap it nice.  Please don’t use the old box or wrapping paper even if it still looks new.

Re-gift something of value.  A bottle of champagne for instance will always be a welcome gift even though it has been sitting on someone else’s bar for years.

Make sure that the next person will like it.  If you want to regift, see to it that the person you will give it to will sincerely like it, if not love it.


Top Fashion Trend for the Skiing Holidays

Skiing holidays is almost here and fashion designers are gearing up in time for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (to be held in Vancouver).   Top trend forecast for skiers include longer and baggier jackets, zippers, plaids, and of course loud colors.
And just because you are not an athlete or a skier doesn’t mean you can’t follow the trend.  Ski jackets is a must to beat the cold weather in style and Ralph Lauren has a really cool ski gear collection such as the Racer Jacket in red, blue, black and yellow.
Marks and Spencer introduces a breatheable vest that uses the Merino wool thermal base layer system.  This natural elastic wool is odour- and perspiration-resistant and offers mobility and comfort.

Don’t forget these essential gears:  wool sweater, turtleneck, ski socks, thermal ong johns, neckwarmer, gloves, wool hat, boots and goggles.  Before buying your gear, make sure that you are comfortable to wear it and that it can provide you with sufficient warmth and protection on the slopes.

Sports apparel and gear that are made out of eco-friendly materials are also in for 2010.  From boots to ski suits, choose the ones that are environmentally-friendly and you’ll never go wrong.

Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts for Promotional Giveaways

For those who are looking for an online embroidery or silk-screening service, visit The shop offers a wide selection of shirt designs for men and women.  Other types of apparel (cap, jacket, fleece, pants, t-shirts) are also available.

ecustomwear is a company that is solely focused on creating custom embroidered polo shirtsand apparel. It does not offer printing for other corporate giveaway items like mugs, key chains, pens, etc. so you can be assured that you can get 100% high=quality print/embroidery for your orders.

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Online Translation Service Platform for Businesses

Are you in need of a translation service for business or personal communications?  If yes, do check out Translia, an online platform that offers various translation services from a network of professional translators all over the world.
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The system also promises a quick turnaround time ranging from several hours for smaller projects to a few days for larger ones. If a certain project was not submitted on the deadline, you can expect remarkable discounts from your fees.  Clients are also given the option to set the price and time.  You can even obtain a free traslation!
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Where to Buy Sports Event Tickets Online

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