Top Fashion Trend for the Skiing Holidays

Skiing holidays is almost here and fashion designers are gearing up in time for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (to be held in Vancouver).   Top trend forecast for skiers include longer and baggier jackets, zippers, plaids, and of course loud colors.
And just because you are not an athlete or a skier doesn’t mean you can’t follow the trend.  Ski jackets is a must to beat the cold weather in style and Ralph Lauren has a really cool ski gear collection such as the Racer Jacket in red, blue, black and yellow.
Marks and Spencer introduces a breatheable vest that uses the Merino wool thermal base layer system.  This natural elastic wool is odour- and perspiration-resistant and offers mobility and comfort.

Don’t forget these essential gears:  wool sweater, turtleneck, ski socks, thermal ong johns, neckwarmer, gloves, wool hat, boots and goggles.  Before buying your gear, make sure that you are comfortable to wear it and that it can provide you with sufficient warmth and protection on the slopes.

Sports apparel and gear that are made out of eco-friendly materials are also in for 2010.  From boots to ski suits, choose the ones that are environmentally-friendly and you’ll never go wrong.


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