Month: January 2010

Easy to Follow Kitchen Table Decorating Ideas

The Simple Look.
A kitchen table that is made out of a solid, high-quality wood need not much decorating.  The natural grain and gloss of the wood will speak for itself.  You can simply add a touch of décor by placing a fruit bowl or a vase of flowers in the middle and you can get an elegant look.
Formal or Romantic.
For special occasions, you may want to spice up your table setting by creating a formal or romantic look. In this case, you may choose a special table to cover the table and give it an entirely new appeal.  Scented candles, a single red rose or a bunch of red roses in the middle, with petals scattered on the center will surely make for a romantic ambiance.
Plate it up.
Dishes come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and shapes.  You can also try mixing and matching dinnerware instead of using an entire set with one color scheme and design.
Go with the season.
You may also change the look of your dining table according to the seasons.  For instance, you may fill a jar with fallen leaves of red and yellow and a twig to match the Fall Season.  In the summers, you may fill a jar or a large glass with lemon or gerbera daisies or mums of your favorite color.

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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Tips

Divide your space.  Use a shower enclosure to create a division, maximize a small bathroom space and keep the floor dry at all times.
Choose good lighting.  Shower lights and wall sconces are great.  Installing the right lighting fixtures is cheap way to recreate your bathroom.

Paint it up. Repaint the walls and ceilings of your bathroom to give it a fresh, clean look.  Light and neutral colors are perfect especially for smaller spaces.

Accessorize.  Replace old and rusty shower knob, faucet, and hinges to give your bathroom a new look.
Mirror, mirror on the wall.  An elegant mirror can make an instant difference in a bathroom.   You can buy a minimalist mirror straight from a home furnishing shop.  Or buy a frameless mirror from a hardware store and find an old frame from flea markets that you can use to create your own DIY bathroom mirror.

Squeeky clean.  Bring out your toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and brush.   Get ready to eliminate molds, mildew, germs and dirt from the walls, floors, and ceiling.

Decorate your bathing space.  Place one or two framed paintings on the wall.  Add a non-slippery foot rug with a great design.  Place a vase of flower or scented candles on top of the vanity cabinet.

Practical Tips for a First Time Cruiser

Cheap cruises.  If you want to grab great bargains, go on a cruise during off-peak seasons.  You can sign up online to receive announcements from cruise lines whenever they have promotional off-peak cruise sailings.
Be informed.  It’s easy to get enticed by the breathtaking photos and exciting descriptions that you can find from brochures and websites. Before signing up, make sure that you really understand what the cruise line offers as well as the inclusions of the itinerary.  Do your own research by visiting forums online and checking out different cruise lines.
Seek help from a travel agent.  If it is your first time to go on a cruise, it is advisable to get assistance.  A travel agent can help you choose the right company, give you valuable advice to make sure that you will enjoy your trip, and may even offer you a discount, a promotional rate or perks exclusive only to clients.
Study the ship’s deck plan.  This is important when choosing your cabin location.  Make sure that you are aware of the locations where you can find the important rooms, elevators, and emergency exits on the ship.
Avoid unnecessary hassles. Cruise lines usually offer packages that include round trip air tickets.  In this case, delays and cancelled trips won’t be much of a hassle as it is your cruise line’s responsibility to get you to the next flight so you can catch up with the ship at the next port.

Check your travel insurance. 
It is wise to get travel insurance but before signing up, make sure that you have examined the inclusions of the coverage.  Remember that you have the option to get insured with your cruise line, travel agency or a private insurance company.

Don’t forget your passport.
  If you are going to travel outside the US, you will need a passport.
Anticipate the costs.  When planning your vacation cruise budget, don’t forget to consider the extra costs such as gratuities, off-shore tours, laundry/dry cleaning, bar drinks, souvenirs, taxes, and other fees.
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