Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Tips

Divide your space.  Use a shower enclosure to create a division, maximize a small bathroom space and keep the floor dry at all times.
Choose good lighting.  Shower lights and wall sconces are great.  Installing the right lighting fixtures is cheap way to recreate your bathroom.

Paint it up. Repaint the walls and ceilings of your bathroom to give it a fresh, clean look.  Light and neutral colors are perfect especially for smaller spaces.

Accessorize.  Replace old and rusty shower knob, faucet, and hinges to give your bathroom a new look.
Mirror, mirror on the wall.  An elegant mirror can make an instant difference in a bathroom.   You can buy a minimalist mirror straight from a home furnishing shop.  Or buy a frameless mirror from a hardware store and find an old frame from flea markets that you can use to create your own DIY bathroom mirror.

Squeeky clean.  Bring out your toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and brush.   Get ready to eliminate molds, mildew, germs and dirt from the walls, floors, and ceiling.

Decorate your bathing space.  Place one or two framed paintings on the wall.  Add a non-slippery foot rug with a great design.  Place a vase of flower or scented candles on top of the vanity cabinet.


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