a thousand ways to say i love you…

Each one of us have his and her own ways to say i love you and it doesn’t need to be verbal all the time.  It can be waking your wife first thing in the morning with a sweet kiss on her nose.  It can be a tap on the shoulder or a smile.  It can be a huge hug when he comes home from work.  It can be a call in the middle of the day just to say hi.  It can be breakfast in bed when you do not feel well.  A surprise note by the wall.  It can be a long walk with your hands held together.  It can be terms of endearment or words of encouragement.  a warm touch.  a poem.  an act of kindness.  and sometimes it must be spoken – just as it is… i love you.
On 29th, we are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary.  I would like to share something special to one of you – a sterling silver iloveyou necklace from Simag jewelry.  To be part of the giveaway, you can do either one or all these steps for more entries:

1.  Leave a comment.  What’s your own unique way of saying i love you?
2.  Blog about this giveaway.
3.  Follow my blog if you are not yet a follower.
4.  Link to my blog.
5.  Link to this post from your Twitter or Facebook account.
6.  Add me to your Facebook contacts.

The giveaway winner will be chosen on March 29 using Random.org.  Please, don’t forget to say in your comment all the steps you’ve done to take part.  Oh, and please make sure that I can get back to you either through your blog or email.  Thanks 🙂



  1. >This jewellery is gorgeous! I blogged about your giveaway and linked to your blog, and I'm already a follower! (I don't have facebook anymore, because unsavoury people were pestering me!) In our family, saying I love you is giving someone else a massage until they fall asleep! To us, it's the highest form of devotion! BTW, Happy Anniversary!!Wendy xx

  2. >I love this necklace- just gorgeous!For us we have a family hug and say "one, two three i love you"… doesn't rhyme and slightly boring, but our young kids love it.Thanks for the give away 🙂

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