Style Love: Fab Ways to Wear Your Horizontal Stripe Shirt

Some girls may try to stay away from wearing horizontal stripes for fear that it would make them look fat.  I came across these tips from Stylecaster fashion style expert Janice Chou, and I’m sharing some of them here:
1.  Who would’ve thought that an oversized stripe sweater can still look stylish?  Match it with a fashionable short jacket or a bolero and you’re ready to walk the streets in style:)
2. A horizontal stripe shirt can be perfect for the spring and the summer. Paired with cute shorts like this one, i think it looks great!

3.  Layer it with a blazer or a sweater and let the stripes peek out from underneath and it can actually brighten up a simple outfit!

To see all the five styles you can do with your striped shirt plus more lifestyle tips, check out Stylecaster.
Thanks to Culturally Clad for the tip.



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