Month: May 2010

Beautiful Recycled at Cosa Verde

I discovered Cosa Verde while visiting The Next ArrowCosa Verde is a collaboration of  Liz Grotyohann, a graphic designer and artist & Jeff Fein-Worton, a programmer; together with their buddies Milo Minderbinder and Boo Radley.  You can read more about them here.
I found that some of the sellers there can also be found at Etsy but what makes it different is that it actually focuses on one theme – “small changes can make a big difference in preserving our environment”. So if you are looking for items that are not just handmade but are recycled, upcycled, repurposed and Earth-friendly, this is the place to find it.  Here are some of my favorite Cosa Verde finds for the day:
 recycled bib necklace by fabula
felted ring by crafts 2 cherish

organic cotton shawl by tickled pink knits
felted textile bracelet by vilte
organic crochet flower by Annie Design
vintage fabric apron by Bananasaurus Rex
french lace tote by tortilla girl
ballet flats by hydra heart


rescued wood fence by dolan geiman
  upcycled coffee bag by rean bean
recycled paper garland  by kristina marie
guitar string necklace by plucking pendants


sterling silver by elisha shere jewelry
magnetic locket by olive bites
dryer pillow sheets by zjane

vintage tea towel bird by montclair made

 handmade fabric moth brooch by blue terracotta
organic leaf earrings by Designs by Erin
white fascinator by A Alicia
felted drawstring bag by crafts 2 cherish


New Things from Our Shops of the Week

While I am still preparing interviews for the Shop of the Week series, I decided to check out what’s new with the shops we have featured in the previous months.  Many of them have come up with new items in their stores and here are my favorites.


“camille” print by Lovely Sweet William 
customizable name print by English Muffin Shop
lace on canvas zip pouch by chez sucre chez
paper collage magnet by dot + jim
japanese masking tape & alphabet tea cups by Papermash
Hello in Languages by Made by Girl
vintage pattern on tile by Patchwork Harmony

***if you want to be featured as Shop of the Week,
please send me an email at
thanks =)

Black and White Weddings on My Wedding Blog

I am trying to liven up my wedding blog as it has been left neglected for a very long time. I have put together a post on black & white themed weddings and found some really wonderful sellers at Etsy. You can take a look at the complete post here.

Wish List: Canon rebel xsi DSLR Camera

Saving for this…



I am not savvy about gadgets but i’ve been reading reviews online on various brands and this is what I want.  (Here is a good review ) The Canon EOS Rebel xsi is said to be ideal for travellers becuase it’s small, light and easy to carry around; it has one-touch controls for quick manual settings; high ISO and image stabilization feature; and a large LCD for better viewing.
Check out the specs:
12 megapixel sensor
Compatible with all Canon EOS lenses
3.5 photos per second
ISO settings from 100 to 1600
Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second
1.6 times crop factor
Stores photos on SD memory cards
9-point autofocus system
Dust control system
3.0″ live view LCD
Enhanced dynamic range


I am aching for this badly but it is so expensive.  I love that I can use  it on Auto Mode and get fantastic photos while learning photography. But then all I really want is a camera that can shoot high-quality photos.  What do you think?  Does any of you have this cam?  And what do you suggest?  Thanks 🙂

Vintage Find: Brown Bag Vintage

In the front page of Etsy today is a Vintage Aquamarine dress from  Brown Bag Vintage. There are actually several pieces in the shop that caught my eye.  Here they are:

To Find New Purpose. . .

Artists who create something beautiful and functional out of old things are worth a commendation, don’t you think?  I found these utilitarian and yes, stylish repurposed pieces from Etsy that I would like to share:)  My favorites are the purse, pillow and piglet that were made out of grain sack; the yellow colander lamp; and the coffee table that was once a window pane.

Brides, Twigs and Honey

Loving the bridal ornaments from Twigs & Honey. The pieces are inspired by nature (flora & fauna) and have a whimsical accent to them. Each ornament is made out of fine silk, feathers, laces, and bits of vintage, designed in a way that is trully unique and beautiful.

Looking around their website, you can really feel the personal touch of the shop’s owner.  Discover more of Twigs & Honey here or hop over Myra Callan’s  blog to get to know more of this talented lady.   Thanks to  Amy Stewart (Myra’s sweet sister) of Junghwa for pointing the way:)

Twigs and Honey

Twigs and Honey

Twigs and Honey

Twigs and Honey

Twigs and Honey

Twigs and Honey